What is R-Planet ?

And how can you win by staking your Uplift NFTs?

R-Planet is a fun NFT-universe about crafting and using NFTs. And what's the best thing? You can stake your Uplift NFTs and make them work for you instead of letting them gather dust in your wallet! 
Each supported NFT that you stake will generate more "Aether" on an hourly basis for you to claim!

The following mini Guide will show you, why you don't want to miss out on the fun and opportunity!

Welcome to the Uplift NFT

Which Uplift NFTs can you stake?

  • Uplift World Genesis NFTs
  • Uplift World Land & Rail Packs
  • Uplift World Collectables
  • Uplift.Art Series 1 "I'm not the Bubble" and various Uplift.Art-Event & Community NFTs 

The rewards you will get will vary depending on the Item and Rarity of the NFTs you stake.

R-Planet How It Works

Why use R-Planet?

Most importantly: If you love NFTs, exploring and creating, then R-Planet is for you! Your NFTs will work for you while you are holding them anyway - Every day and every hour!

You can just collect the Aether you get from staking, or you can have fun with it by searching for new materials for the glory, or to stake and use them later on. Materials are limited, this means you are also able to create rare collector items. Just from the Aether you are getting anyway from your existing NFTS!
What are you waiting for?

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