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The Story

The Digital Rift to a new world full of gratitude

In the year 1983, scientists discovered a potential way to solve the problem of faster than light space travel. The key is the combination of quantum physics and digitalization of information, to create a digital rift in space and time to transfer information instantly and to rematerialize it at its destination. Unfortunately, computers were not fast enough at that time. But now they are, and the classified information was recovered by a hacker collective.

A digital rift was created, and it became clear that it leads to an enormous world thousand of light years away - full of wonders and new challenges.  A first wave of brave explorers ventured out to establish a first settlement and prepare everything for the first Alpha Wave of colonists. One thing is for sure: This is a new chance for mankind, and we cannot repeat the mistakes made in the old world. We are full of gratitude for this new beginning and a whole universe to explore. Therefore, this new beginning is centered around gratitude and collaboration.

It seems that the rift also reaches through the fabric of time and dimensions, because of this our arrival marks year one.

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Be part of something bigger and meaningful

"The Uplift" is based on the Uplift.Art principle to create a winning scenario for everyone. In this case: Every visitor, player, builder, creator or trader of NFTs. Everything is interconnected. Founded on positivity and collaboration, every participant can uplift others in a win-win upward spiral. We want everyone to win in terms of fun, creativity,  meaningful connections and experiences, but also in "material" crypto or NFT rewards for being awesome and contributing to the whole. As an example, Uplift.Art gives a big chunk of its revenue to creators, users and, most importantly up to 50% to selected charitable projects that need funding to make the world a better place.