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Trade & Craft

Uplift Land

Uplift Land Key Etheria

This NFT is not just your key to another world in the metaverse, but to your very own place. Your home in the metaverse!
Unlock all building and mining rights for a certain plot in a certain world as long as you own this NFT and hold it in your wallet.

But there is much more: A plot of land on the Uplift enables you to earn rewards, benefits, and items in many ways. Some are just for holding your land, much more for actively playing, digging for resources, or building an awesome plot that attracts more visitors or events. Buff your benefits to over 9000 by becoming an active part of the DAO and unleashing your creativity, start building your brand and your empire!

Do you own a Rail Key?:
A “Rail Key” (Type: Rail Key) is a special kind of land plot, desired by many players, and held by few. Why? Because plot activity is hugely important in the metaverse and Rail Keys give you control and rewards for a part of the road and transportation system! This means you will have lots of users traveling over your plot just to get from a to b. Especially if your plot happens to be on a major traveling route or next to a hot land plot. More passive rewards are awesome. But think about what you could do, if you decide to open a shop or gallery on a rail plot...Enter your text here...

  • An ever-growing platform that connects communities, games like Minecraft, and a powerful crafting and NFT economy through technology and gratitude.
  • A buzzing place that connects communities, people, family, & friends through creativity, art games, and more.
  • A space that allows every player to participate in the development and success of the project through the power of decentralized governance.

The Uplift Community

Community Logo Project

Our community is a large group of active people who have been a big part of helping us develop our value base and direction.
That is also the reason the Uplift is on its way on the transition to a community DAO in which the community decides on which features are delivered and plays a huge active role in the development of the project.

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