Committee Applications

Here is an overview about DAO committee applications. An application is published once checked for the formal content.

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July 10, 2022

Committee Applications

I would love to join the following committee
What I can do is...
my following experiences can help to make that happen:
My relevant strengths and personal chellanges are:
Enter your text here...
My Time zone and window of activity is:
i will be able to put about this much time into weekly committee work:
I accept the rules & responsibillities of a committee member and I am also agree to participate in a KYC :

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Join a committee using the form below form:

  • Awesome! Please use the following form to apply if you are interrested in youning a community.
  • Please also have a look below the form to learn how the following application process will unfold. 
  • Please note that an application is no guarantee to become a member. This depends also on the assessment of the regarding committee chair and the DAO proposal that will follow.
  • Please note that we want to honor your time and commitment by recognizing your committee activity by perks and maybe benefits, but that this is not a paid position.
  • We plan to convert more voluntarily positions into formal jobs with "real" payments and benefits down the road, but we can not promise anything at this point. All depends on how the DAO will develop. You can help to make it happen by being active, though!

If you have not done so, you should join the Uplift Discord. You can usually find your Discord name at the left bottom area of the app. Please insert the name together with the number. It should look like "MyName#1234"

Explanation: A KYC (quick & remotely via Stripe) is needed for legal reasons. The duties of a committee member are mostly self-explanatory like no abuse of your position or access for personal gain or to harm others and the DAO. No leaking off access or sensitive data. Acting in the spirit of the DAO and being aware that you represent it while communicating with others. Living up to our core values and gratitude. And to try to meet your timely commitment to the committee. These are the most important parts. Feel free to reach out in Discord if you have any questions!

What happens after your application?

  • Your application is checked for formal correctness and gets published.
  • Normally you should be contacted by the chair of the committee within the next 7 days. If you have the feeling your application might has been  overlooked, feel free to reach out in Discord!
  • The normal process is that the chair will make the decision, if the regarding committee is a good fit and has free slots for new members. If so, the committee will put up an official DAO to make you an official member.
  •  Don't hesitate to apply, the process is much less complicated as it might looks and we are here to help! Reach out in Discord if you have any questions.
  •  Thank you!