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Uplift World Metaverse Land Keys are Interoperable

August 5, 2022

The Uplift World is delighted to announce that all Metaverse Land and Rail Keys across ALL blockchains will grant you ownership and building rights on a plot of land on any platform operated by The Uplift World DAO! 

These keys currently grant holders access to build and transform your own plot of land in the Metaverse, but there is so much more in store for land owners. Imagine being immersed in a life that plugs you into everything you adore without the hassle of having to take the time to find different keys to move between distanced doors… Welcome to that reality in The Uplift World, the metaverse gateway you need to amplify creativity, art, interactive gameplay, community, and so much more the Web3 way, rewriting the way space and time impact your life every single day!

“Interoperability is the holy grail outcome for the metaverse, and the headwinds are all against us. Monopolistic capture by something like META is the default obvious outcome, but the same could have been said at the beginning of the internet,” said Uplift World founder Corey Cottrell.  “NFTs can be the TCP-IP connecting tissue that lets thousands of projects create the future of humans in digital space.”

The Uplift World is expanding across multiple platforms. While this process will take time, you may rest assured that your NFT Land and Rail Keys will continue to allow you to access and build on your plot of land across every current and new platform, no matter which blockchain you use. 

The Uplift World Metaverse Land and Rail Keys are available NOW! 

Founded with gratitude, The Uplift World is a multi-player Play and Earn Metaverse with around 300 active citizens creating across 11 unique Worlds since April 2021. The Uplift World spans multiple blockchains and platforms with gameplay consisting of survival mode, creative mode, PVP E-sports events, art galleries, educational facilities, networking opportunities, a thriving in-game economy based on the Upliftium in-game currency, and so much more. Check out the official project links below, and be sure to check out all of the inspiring builds in The Uplift World at The Uplift World is owned collectively by The Uplift World DAO. For information about buying Uplift DAO Token (UDT), visit To participate in governance, go to, and join the conversation at today!

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