CI – Uplift World Branding Guide

Uplift World Community Logo

Do you have a project like a tool, website or NFTs that has to do with the Uplift World and want to let people know?  

Use this logo in this case. Please use the Community Logo do not use the official Uplift World logo which is only used for activities that originate in our official communication, products, events and partnerships. 

Thank you for adding something to the wonderful Uplift Community with your project! Make sure your project complies with the values of the Uplift World:
By using this logo you agree to not use it in combination with inappropriate content (sexual, misleading, racist or otherwise offensive), or anything else that would violate our values, guidelines, terms of use or code of conduct.

How to use: This logo can be used within community made projects to indicate / highlight the not-official relation to the Uplift World.
There shall be no room for interpretation that could users lead to the assumption that this is an official project.
Example how not to do it:
Using this logo as the sole main logo for your project in a potentially misleading way, or having it as the most prominent element on the website, social assets etc. e.g. if scaled down so much that the "Community Project" line is not directly recognizable by users. Thank you for your understanding!

Use these design patterns for all The Uplift corporate identity purposes in media and products:

Always use the following notation for the brand name if you write it in normal texts and articles: "The Uplift" or "The Uplift World". We refer to Fans and associated members as "Uplifters".

Official Hashtags to use: #theupliftworld

Official Logos

Copyright 2021 by The Uplift, all rights reserved. The Uplift and the Uplift World are trademarks of Do only use our logos based on our permission and in a context that reflects our company values.

Brand Colors




HEX: #ffffff  rgb(255, 255, 255) 

Standard background color, accent color for dark backgrounds

HEX: #0C1115  rgb(12, 17, 21) 

Contrast color for bright backgrounds, background color.

HEX: #6a6b6c  rgb(106, 107, 108) 

Standard Text

HEX: #210051  rgb(33, 0, 81)

Brand Color 1: Uplift Night Purple
background and element color - Main call to action (CTA element)

HEX: #ff41c6  rgb(255, 65, 198)

Brand Color 2: Razzle Dazzle Rose
 Main Accent - Main call to action (CTA element)

HEX: #06ffff  rgb(6, 255, 255)

Brand Color 3: Cyan / Aqua
 Main Accent - Main call to action (CTA element)

Official Logos

Font Family


Source & Download

Google Fonts Kit: "Merriweather Sans", set to:  Extra-Bold 800

Headlines, special occasions & elements

Google Fonts Kit: "Mulish"

H2 Headlines & below, standard text copy