Unbox your Rail Keys

Unbox Rail Keys

A massive multiplayer universe, built on Minecraft, powered by blockchain

 own land rights | play & create | win prizes & earn

Land & Rail Keys

The hottest projects in the crypto/NFT space is now open to Alpha colonists! TheUplift has attracted some of the coolest cats and companies in the blockchain and crypto world: Wax.io, EOSUSA, rplanet.io, AlienWorlds and so many more! Join us for a lifetime of random acts of kindness, prosperity, and gratitude for all. Land & Rail Keys in TheUplift are NFTs that can only be purchased with wax crypto. 

Phase 1: rail sale

March 6, 2021 

We sold out in record time! Minutes, not hours!

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Phase 2: land sale

March 12, 2021

One week later, and the sellout took SECONDS! Literally.

You'll get another chance at Land & Rail in a couple of weeks. Do not miss this one!

Phase 3: the probes

April 23, 2021

The race is on! Friday, April 23, at 8pm EST you'll finally have the chance to use your Prospector Probes in a mad dash to secure the location of your choice!

Please Note: Probes can ONLY be used in the Genesis World.

To be eligible for a prospector probe, a Level 2 or Level 3 Genesis NFT must be in your wax wallet before 12pm on Tuesday, April 20.

Have more than 1 Genesis NFT? Cool beans! You'll get more probes!

DON'T WORRY!  If you don't own any of the qualifying Genesis NFTs, our system will automatically generate your location after the probe event is completed.  

Genesis NFTs

The Genesis NFTs are set up to be gifts that keep on giving - for a lifetime! These NFTs are your gateway to a lifetime supply of random kindness, super cool perks, as well as the potential to be gifted free land. 

Welcome to the Uplift NFT
Gratitude NFT
A Special Gratitude

Level 1

This NFT + 3 Rail Keys = 1 Free 50x50 randomly-located Land in Londom

Sorry, this doesn't qualify for a Probe

Level 2

This NFT + 3 Rail Keys = 1 Free 50x50 Land in Londom

Level 2 gives you 1 Probe per NFT

Level 3

This NFT + 3 Rail Keys = 1 Free 50x50 Land in Londom

Level 3 gives you 4 Probes per NFT

Stackable! If you have 2 of these NFTs + 6 rail keys, you'll receive 2 of the 50x50 lands!

Stackable! If you have 2 of these NFTs + 6 rail keys, you'll receive 2 of the 50x50 lands PLUS 2 probes!

Stackable! If you have 2 of these NFTs + 6 rail keys, you'll receive 2 of the 50x50 lands PLUS 8 probes!

To Be Totally Clear...

If, for example, you have 9 rail keys but only 1 Genesis NFT, you will only receive 1 Free 50x50 randomly-located Land. You need to double up on NFTs AND rail keys.

If you have a pack of 10 rail keys, they count as 10 separate rail keys. Same goes for the pack of 3 rail keys.

Rail Keys
Pack Sizes
1 x Rail Key Pack 
- contains One (1) 50x50 randomly-located Rail Plot.
3 x Rail Key Pack 
 - contains Three (3) 50x50 randomly-located Rail Plots.
10 x Rail Key Pack 
- contains Ten (10) 50x50 randomly-located Rail Plots. 

Random Rail Keys

The railway runs through the entire world and, as a main transportation hub in TheUplift. Owning building rights on our 50x50 sized plots along the Railway is super smart because you'll get to benefit from many important game mechanics.

Plots come with a broad, cobblestone main road lined on each side by a railway. Some have small grassy areas Create a tourist attraction or anything you think would be totally rad - just don't impede the railway!

Be brilliant! Pick up a bundle pack because they won't last long!

What does "random plot" mean? Our system will randomly generate the coordinates for all rail plots. It is not possible to preselect a particular railway location.

Land Plot

Random Land Key

Pack Sizes
1 random Plot of Land
3 random Plots of Land
10 random Plots of Land

The Uplift World

The Uplift Wave Zero

Our first communities have already gone boldly where no one has gone before - building and creating show-stopping attractions to prepare for the first Alpha Wave of Colonists! 

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