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A massive multiplayer universe, built on Minecraft, powered by blockchain

 own land rights | play & create | win prizes & earn

Sale closed - Thank you!

The first Upliftium miner sale was a blast!

Pack templates will be locked, no additional "Mark 1 Upliftium miners" except for pack openings will be minted ever again. Stay tuned for what comes next!

Miner Sale

Land & Rail Keys

The hottest projects in the crypto/NFT space is now open to Alpha colonists! TheUplift has attracted some of the coolest cats and companies in the blockchain and crypto world: Wax.io, EOSUSA, rplanet.io, AlienWorlds and so many more! Join us for a lifetime of random acts of kindness, prosperity, and gratitude for all. Land & Rail Keys in TheUplift are NFTs that can only be purchased with wax crypto. 

Uplift World Land Keys and Rail Keys

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