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Uplift World Partners
Uplift World Partners
The Uplift Logo

In a nutshell

A "Play and earn" metaverse based on positive values, community, creativity, and participation

  • An ever-growing platform that connects communities, games like Minecraft, and a powerful crafting and NFT economy through technology and gratitude.
  • A buzzing place that connects communities, people, family, & friends through creativity, art games, and more.
  • A space that allows every player to participate in the development and success of the project through the power of decentralized governance.
Cross Chain Supported Blockchains Uplift World

One more thing: The Uplift World uses an easy to use, feeless, & fast NFT-blockchain (WAX), but is now rapidly expanding cross-chain!

Uplift Land Key Etheria

One example: Own all building and mining rights for a certain location in a world. Enjoy all the rewards and perks that come with it.

Rooted in 5 core principles

Values and Gratitude

Metaverses are about people, tech is just the enabler. The DAO has a strong compass of positive values that it follows, even if that means not going down some paths.

Principles values

Connections that are meaningful 

One important value is to help individuals and communities to build sustainable and deep connections through shared experiences.

principles connections

Sustainable play and earn, no straw fires

Our goal is to enable everyone who is passionate and engaged to build an empire, or even make a living via the Uplift, but always based on proven and sustainable economy elements that add value, not hype.

principles play and earn


This is why the Uplift World is a DAO that allows everyone to participate in building and deciding where the project goes from here.

Principles Participation


No startup plan survives the contact with reality. We are curious and build fast, even if that means sometimes breaking things to learn something important. 

principles adapt
End Dragon

The Uplift Community

Community Logo Project

The hallmark of the Uplift World is its community - which is the Uplift World. Many engaged members are building their empires and brands here. They come up with events or participate in them, connect, go on adventures or vernissages. Many are also actively building the Uplift to their unique abilities. Not tech, but people are making this place so awesome. 

Get a first taste of the uplift

Uplift DAO Token UDT

We are a Decentralized Autonomous Organization

DAO = Everyone can participate and benefit

The thing that wows many new visitors to the Uplift most is its vivid, engaged, and creative community. Now we are going all in on this super-power and have converted this Metaverse into a community-owned DAO. Everyone can make suggestions, influence which features will be released next, or step up to build the DAO via committees and more...
Learn how this works...

UDT Token = participate and benefit

Uplift DAO Token UDT
  • Enables you to vote on all important decisions and features.
  • Participate in the growth and success of the Uplift metaverse.
  • Stay tuned for the revelation of additional applications.
UDT on Uniswap | Ethereum Contract: 0x0C45a9c64283F515E2B3BB84a2bbfbE9C4E89212
The Uplift Visitor Pass
Who has access and a head start to the current Alpha version?
Landowners and holders of a temporary access pass or event ticket.
We are also working on getting all holders of more than 100 UDT tokens access to the metaverse. 

(As long as they hold the tokens.)

Get into the Alpha now!

If you are not familiar with WAX, set up a WAX Cloud Wallet within seconds.  
Have a look into the quick step by step DEGEN Guide, or get help in our Discord if you encounter any problems!

Create an Uplift account via easy social media login with a few clicks to get access to the functionalities and to link your crypto wallets:

Follow our full step-by-step guide to sign in with your Minecraft account.

Degen Guide

Visit our Discord if you have any questions or need support!

See you in the uplift!

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