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The first, limited Upliftium miner sale of the year. Who buys first gets the biggest discounts. Don't miss out!


The sale is on!

Alphamax Miner
alphamax miner wax pack

Buy packs with WAXP

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The price of packs increases over time. Get the first packs with a big 50%+ discount!

Alphamax Miner
Early Bird Price
250 Packs
100 WAXP
Alphamax Miner
Keener Price
500 Packs
130 WAXP
Alphamax Miner
Special Price
500 Packs
160 WAXP
500 Regular Miner Packs: 220 WAXP
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Get Packs for Upliftium

Blend packs for 3 million Upliftium

Blend Alphamax mining pack
  • These "Up Editon" packs can be blended from 3 million crystallized Upliftium.
  • No bonus NFT included in this pack - just a miner.
  • No crystallized Upliftium? Get it here.

What are the odds?

Get you some powerful equipment to be ready once upliftium takes off!

Alphamax Miner
  • Common Miner: 57% chance | 5 mil Upliftium / week pool
  • Uncommon Miner: 28% chance | 5 mil Upliftium / week pool
  • Rare Miner: 14% chance | 5 mil Upliftium / week pool
  • Surprise bonus NFT in every pack


Upliftium is the most important resource in the Uplift World Metaverse. You can trade it for services, in-game resources, and more!