Minetest Beta
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Learn how to have a first glance by Visiting the pre-alpha test server
Minetest Test Server

The Minetest Alpha is coming!

Why minetest?

More possibilities, a greater, richer Metaverse & gaming experience

  • Full freedom and no external restrictions to develop the metaverse experience or players and community wants.
  • Almost unlimited possibilities to enrich the experience with new functionalities and features.
  • A much more fun and sophisticated in-game and NFT economy to explore, collect, play and own.

Keep in mind: This is only a test-server to test general mechanics and does not even scratch the surface of what will be possible in 6 months or a year.

Testing Resources

Have a look at the map!

Visit the 2D and experimental 3D live world map to get a first feeling, or to navigate on the test-server:

Visit the high score board

How are you doing?

Dive deeper

Want to learn more? Visit the "MineTest Channel" on our Discord to make suggestions, talk about your experience, or to get support.