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Quick Start Guide: Get in the Game

Do you know everything already and just want to connect to the Minecraft server? Click here.

Set up a WAX Cloud Wallet

WAX is the blockchain that makes the Uplift World work. Set up a free WAX Cloud Wallet in 3 seconds and come back to this guide once you have one.

Wax Blockchain

Get your Access NFT

Uplift World Land Keys and Rail Keys

You need a "Passport" or "Land" in the Uplift World to be eligible to enter. If you already have a "Land Key" or "Rail Key" in your Wax Wallet skip this step.

Get Minecraft

You need the Minecraft Java Edition to visit the Uplift Worlds:

Install the Game and choose a Minecraft username.

Enter the uplift

Connect your Minecraft user and WAX wallet with the Uplift World:.

  • Connect your WAX wallet (Click "Connect Now")
  • Link your Minecraft account (Enter your account name)
  • You will also see all your eligible keys. If you see no keys, you will have no access to the worlds. Check your connected wallet if your keys are really in it.
Enter The Uplift World

Connect to the Uplift Server

Join the game:

Join the Uplift World Minecraft Server
  • Once you have installed Minecraft, start it and launch the "Minecraft Java Edition"  
  • Select "Multiplayer"
  • Press "Add Server"
  • Enter the Server Name: The Uplift World
  • Enter the Server Address:
  • Save it, click on the new server and press "Join Server". You are now connected to the Uplift World. Now you can select the World you want to visit and find your destination.

Fix for incompatible Minecraft versions

Since the Uplift World is complex, and we need to make sure, everything works perfectly you might run into a rejected connection attempt because your version is newer. There is an easy fix for this, no reinstallation etc. needed!

  • Select the "Minecraft Java Edition"  
  • Select "Installations" in the menu.
  • Select version release1.16.5 (or the version the error message asked for)
  • Press the green button
  • Select the installation you have just created
  • Press the green "Play Button"
  • That should be all. Have fun in the Uplift World! :-)

The player community and game experience are based on fun and common sense.
But it can never hurt if you have a look into the community rules and code of conduct:

Enter your world and navigate

Find your world

You can have a look at to see in which world your land is located.

  • Press the key "T" to open the chat.
  • Type "/server NameOfWorld" and press the "Enter" Key (e.g. "/server Genesis" to enter the genesis world). Once you have started to type "/server " the system will provide you with suggestions for existing worlds as well.
  • Want to know in which world / server you currently are?  Just type "/server" + press "Enter" in the chat, and you will see the name of the world you are currently in.
Enter The Uplift World

Find your Land

You can have a look at to see in which world your keys are located, including the exact plot coordinates. You can also view the location of your plot on the map.

  • You are lost and want to find back to the point you started?  Just type "/spawn" + press "Enter" in the chat, and you will be teleported back to the worlds spawn point.

Useful In game commands

Confirm every command you type in the chat by pressing the "Enter" key to execute.

Key or Command



Opens the world chat. Type commands directly in the chat. Commands always start with a "/"


Shows you in which world you currently are.

/server [world name]

Suggests existing worlds and teleports you to the world you select (e.g. /server genesis)


Teleports you to the spawn point at the center of the world.


Shows you all kind of information e.g. the exact coordinates of your current position. Nice to find a plot. 

Space (hit it two times fast)

Activates / deactivates flight mode in worlds with creative mode. Press space one time or hold it to ascend. Press "CTRL" to go down.


Take Screenshot. Good to know: Press "F1" to hide your player and inventory for a nice landscape shot. Press "F1" again to see your inventory again.