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The Uplift World.


In The Uplift World, we are grateful for everything we have and try to make sure that the concept of gratitude is present in as many aspects of our project as possible. So much so in fact,  we actually used this word to name one of our metaverse's regions. If you relate to this way of thinking, you’re in the right place!

Win, Win, Win

The goal is that in every transaction, both parties involved end up winning through a fair deal and, as much as possible, the win spreads to yet another party! Be it the community as a whole, or Haitian kids, or other philanthropic activities our organization is involved in, there should always be at least a third win, and in many cases more! =)


In TUW people are rewarded simply by taking part. . The goal is to make it so that the more you contribute to the ecosystem, the more you have the potential to earn, be it being rewarded in Upliftium (our in-game currency) or even cryptocurrencies like WAX directly - all dependent on reward types and conditions of course - but still, not too many other projects can profess to this model of rewarding those who participate with their attention in their ecosystem.


For us, a metaverse is a place where you get together with like-minded individuals in order to live experiences that’ll end up adding to your actual life experience and history. It’s a place for good people to enjoy each other’s presence while doing something good for the world!


For us in TUW, Minecraft is an incredible product, which serves as the base layer  for the metaverse t we are trying to achieve.  Minecraft is the 3D digital layer of our metaverse currently, but its mechanics will be tweaked as much as necessary in order to achieve the vision of a gratitude focused metaverse.  In other words, we are gearing our decisions towards and rewarding people for being part of the metaverse, not simply for playing Minecraft.  When push comes to shove, we will always side with the reasoning of "Metaverse First" over traditional Minecraft gameplay.

Ready Player One

An inspiration! We like saying that at its current state, TUW is Ready Player One, version 1.

Alpha & Genesis

We are in the Open Alpha early access phase of the game.  This means players must either hold or be whitelisted on land to enter the metaverse.  We hope to upgrade access so that anyone with a Minecraft Java account can access the server and come play with all the amazing builds all the wonderful people comprising our Uplift community have built very Thoon!
Genesis is often used to describe the very first NFTs and game-parts. It refers also to everything that is before the beta phase.


This is how we've organically come to call our supporters and metaverse community individuals! Welcome, Uplifters!


That is the correct way to refer to an inhabitant of The Uplift World.

Uplift World Regions & Places

About some places you can visit in the metaverse 

Creative Regions

In these regions, players are free to explore a world with few limitations. As a creative server, a lot is possible that is not in survival mode, like flying, conjuring infinite materials, never needing to eat or worry about running out of breath and drowning underwater. If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to be a god or sorts, well TUW creative servers might just be for you!

Survival Regions

In these regions, the typical Minecraft game mechanics are at play.  This means that there is a risk of dying if you do not eat or spend too much time underwater.  You will also need to make the blocks you want to build with, produce the food you want to eat, and procure the equipment you need to use in order to do literally everything in these worlds.  Oh, and you are going to have to do all this while worrying about all the things in the night that are out to get you.  Luckily, there is a whole community there to assist you, some pretty profound at Minecraft, so don’t be shy and come hang out with the Uplift survivalists.

Land Plots

Land in TUW is any plot available that doesn’t have rails and pathways in it. They vary in size and location, as well as the type of environment and resources that exist on them. Once someone owns a Land Key NFT from TUW, they’re the one in control of everything that happens on that piece of land, as long as it is within the rules of the game, of course! In the end, no matter what happens, the ownership of this NFT will always ensure, even if you are sidelined for whatever reason from the metaverse, that this small part of TUW belongs to you!

Uplift World Land Keys and Rail Keys

Rail Plots

Rail plots are all 50x50 blocks, from the base of the bedrock to sky limit. As all rail plots come with pre-built lines connecting to adjacent plots and forming the main transportation network, the main rule for Rail plots is that owners of these plots can never divert the rail or disrupt the traffic.  There must always remain a direct path through the pre-fab rail lines through your plot.  As traveling along the rail plots actually earns a larger percentage of rewards than the land plots, it makes sense to construct some awesome features to get people to come and hang out or explore. If adding more rail as an attraction is something that you are interested in doing, just remember the golden rule of not disrupting the base rail that was built into the plot from the beginning.  In other words, new rail placed on rail plots should never connect directly to the foundational rail of the rail plot itself.

Uplift World Land Keys and Rail Keys

Community Plots

This is a land plot gifted to a well known, established community beyond our metaverse to utilize a base in which to rally their members around.  At present, these consist of the main 250x250 project plots and their surrounding 50x50 plots in the Genesis, Gratitude, and Thoon regions.  If you are a community of substantial size that wishes to help us inspire amazing things through collective community endeavors, please do reach out, as we might just be able to conjure up a community plot for you!


The group of all plots across all worlds (Uplift World Server).


A group of plots all on the same map (Genesis, Londom, Upluft, etc).

Section / Sector

A group of plots confined within the boundaries of rail plots. Genesis and Gratitude have a Rail Grid of 10x10 Sections. Londom, Upluft, Thoon, Swineland, and Boarvallis have a Rail Grid of 8x8 Sections. Sections are 500x500 in size and are labeled “Section 1, Section 2, Section 3...” from left to right and top to bottom.

Genesis Region

Genesis is our first region ever available for sale for early adopters and is a special creative place! Genesis is more developed than other servers, due to its early availability to lots of partner community projects and the sheer scale and speed people can develop at with so few limitations.So what are you waiting for? Go check Genesis out today! 😉

Chik'In Ka'Ah Region

This survival region is a collab between TUW and some OG members who initiated the server on which this metaverse was founded. Also known as CK7, this counsel of people is present concurrently in their sector and throughout other Uplift World communities, helping to define and make this the active and thriving community it is today.

Gratitude Region

This survival region is full of interesting partner community projects developing some of the most interesting stuff you'll see around the Uplift World. By the time of writing this description, no public sale has yet occurred. This means that the only people building in this server are those with connections to the community projects. That said, pretty much anyone can go in and wander around, not to mention participate in some pretty stellar events and experiences, so do keep an eye out for those. All in all, it is quite amazing to see what this small group of dedicated community survivalists have done with this server in such a short amount of time.

Thoon Region

One of our favorite memes, Thoon, was already such an iconic Uplift reference, how could we not entrust the name to its own region?. Wen stake? Wen drops? Wen Upliftium? THOON of course! Still under development, Thoon will be the second creative region to aggregate partner community projects into the Uplift World Metaverse. Watch out, ‘cause before you know know it, Thoon will be knocking on the door of now when it comes to more epic Minecraft builds and metaversal experiences.

Upluft Region

One more of our many memes that originated from a typo, now become a tradition, thanks to our founder Corey, who more than once misplaced a finger on the ‘u’ as opposed to the ‘i’. For anyone who knows Corey, it’s hard to wonder if this may not have been intentional, as he has been known to those of him that know him best to always focus on others much more than himself. Regardless, this drop of a misplaced finger happened enough times that Upluft was born. The Upluft region sale was an important event which, in terms of land, utilized our first ever whitelist, put more land into the hands of people than ever before with a matching mechanism beyond a certain pre-determined threshold, and all in all, brought many new first timers into our metaverse who were not yet familiar with the project.

Londom Region

Our OG typo meme, which was present on our initial Genesis land sale. People couldn't help but love the fact that our website read "Londom" instead of "Random". It'll be around forever in the form of our first region entirely constituted ofindividual 50x50 plots which were never sold by the team. Land plots in Londom could only be acquired through promotions and giveaways. In essence, the Londom lands are a testament to the Uplift World giving back to the community that supported us through thick and thin.  This region was also the first survival region to be entirely developed with mobs and other more traditional aspects of Minecraft enabled.  Those in Londom are strong and have taken their time to create some amazing things in the region.  And just for good measure, although all land plots were gifted away, the Rail plots were purchasable for those that just wanted to grind it out with the self-proclaimedreal survivalists of the Uplift metaverse regional lands.

Swineland Region

Part of a collaboration between TUW and R-Planet, Swineland is the first of three collab regions.  The NFTs for development rights on these lands were only obtainable by upgrading R-Planet lands with Aether.  Of course now you could potentially purchase one off the secondary market, but in order to develop one of the many undeveloped lands on Swineland, you would need to go through the process of acquiring the R-Planet land key and upgrading it with Upliftium.  From scratch, that is the only way!

Boarvallis Region

The second part of the collaborative lands  between TUW and R-Planet. Same principles as Swineland, different region.  

Center City Region

The first city within the UpliftWorld server, located within the Old World.

Nemesis Region

Nemesis is the wild west of TUW metaverse. It’s the only place where PVP is allowed, and there areno griefing restrictions… however you do risk losing everything if you die there. Why would anyone go to a place with so many risks? Well, it is also the only region in the metaverse where plots are not mapped to NFTs - meaning that you can mine, build, and destroy anywhere your brave heart desires in this region. The catch 22 is that no matter what you do, it is pointless unless you manage to get all your loot to one of the hidden extraction points, enabling you to part ways with the harshness of a world shrouded in night with dangers lurking well… pretty much everywhere.
R-Planet - Partner project where you can find lands which are upgradable to Uplift land plots for 5mi $AETHER! If you own R-Planet lands, don’t wait any longer to join us in TUW!

Live 2D and 3D Map

This series of maps allows  a bird’s eye view of all servers, the terrain, plots, players, and more of all the current regions of TUW.  In addition, you can also see a simplified 3D view showcasing a perspective, toned down scale and scope, of all the amazing structures to look forward to exploring more thoroughly live in the metaverse itself. Find the various maps over at https://worldmaps.theuplift.world/


A doorway into another realm (the Nether Portal or End Portal).


Directly gameplay related terms

Wellcome to the Uplift World!

Gratitude Ceremony

From before the dawn of TUW, gratitude was built in as an integral part of the Old World Gratitude became so foundational that a Gratitude Ceremony was actually started as a communal get-together, a weekly tradition that remains in TUW today.   Although the location for these ceremonies has changed over time, the basic premise, going back to the first monuments, through the Cathedral, and now over in Chik’in Ka’ah, remains the same.  Every Sunday at 11 am EST, UpLifters gather in-world to put up signs on the communal gratitude monuments as a show of appreciation forwhat they are most grateful in that moment.  The ceremonies are streamed live on theUpLifters YouTube and other social channels, so even if you cannot be part of it in TUW metaverse, you can still tune in and have your very own gratitude put up as a piece of Uplift World history.  So to all you who have never tried, don’t be shy.  Hop in in real time or for the replay and witness first hand the power of beginning each and every day with a communal gratitude followed by a sunrise to start the week off with positive might.  


An in-game token used for transactional purposes inside the The Uplift World Metaverse.   Upliftium can be mined through staking of various Uplift and partnership NFT’s over on the enter.theuplift.world official portal.  In addition, Upliftium is also sent out once weekly during ongoing rewards seasons inside TUW metaverse and will show up directly in your on-site balance.   Major in-metaverse use-cases for Upliftium at present are picture or portal installs into plots of land or rail that you possess in TUW metaverse. One other important aspect of Upliftium is the crystalization and melting of Upliftium NFTs.  Again done automatically over on the enter.theuplift.world site, account balances can be crystalized into 1 million Upliftium NFT denominations offering a whole range of possibilities for continuing to build your Upliftium arsenal and empire!



Although the creation of Liftium as a token was not initiated by the Uplift team, CAIT put a whole new world of possibilities into action when they enabled a smart contract to turn crystalized Upliftium NFTs into Liftium tokens.  You can learn more about this new on-chain token by searching the possibilities that exist over on Alcor Exchange or from some of the press releases from the CAIT team.


Mining is one of the most common activities for gathering materials and resources in the metaverse. You will need a wooden pickaxe to mine stone, a stone pickaxe to mine iron, and an iron pickaxe to mine the more rare materials such as gold, redstone, emerald, and diamond. This will be an especially important step in the resource gathering and construction of those magnificent plots in any of the TUW survival regions.

Upliftium Mining

You need Upliftium? No problem! In addition to player active rewards, you can also “mine” them. Mining is a passive process of Upliftium generation. It is done by NFTs you are holding in your connected wallet. Examples of NFTs that generate Upliftium for you on an hourly basis are “Miner” NFTs or Uplift Land Keys. You can recognize a miner by a battery icon on its front or by the “charge” attribute in the NFT details. The "charge" attribute can have different kinds of charges that are indicating the “drip pool size” the miner has. To learn more about mining pools, have a look into “mining pools / drip pools” in this glossary. You can look up your current mining rate under: https://enter.theuplift.world/upliftium

Upliftium Drips

This refers to the passive Upliftium Drip that many UpliftWorld or partnership NFTs have. NFTs such as Land & Rail Keys, Upliftium miners, and many others as signified by a small battery in the lower right corner produce a steady drip of Upliftium every hour. The size of the drip depends on how many NFTs the pool is split between and is in a constant state of flux or variation. Please note, only NFTs held in an account registered to enter.theuplift.world will be actively rewarding their hodlers with drips. You can see which NFTs qualify and collect your Upliftium into your account balance manually by clicking the Upliftium tab at the top of the enter.uplift.world utility page 

Drip Pools / Mining Pools

Mining pools determine how much Upliftium is generated on an hourly basis by a given NFT. The size of the drip pool determines how much Upliftium is generated on a weekly basis. The hourly Upliftium returns are divided between all NFTs / miners that tap into this particular pool. This means a small pool can potentially generate a higher hourly Upliftium output per NFT than a much larger pool, if far fewer NFTs are tapping into the small pool. This means players can be strategic to maximize their outcome by looking at the pool size, but also at the number of NFTs that share the same drip pool. Players can easily look up all relevant information about the available Upliftium Drip Pools by visiting: https://enter.theuplift.world/upliftium/pools


Crystallization refers to the process of turning Upliftium into an NFT form and withdrawing it from your Upliftium Account. Simply choose the amount of 1 million Upliftium crystalized denominations that you wish to create from your balance on the enter.theuplift.world site and let ‘er rip.  



Melting is the process of turning the Crystalized Upliftium NFT back into Upliftium in your Upliftium account. Simply choose the amount of 1 million Upliftium crystalized denominations that you wish to create from your balance on the enter.theuplift.world site and voila, the NFT will re-materialize into your on-site balance to be utilized for more pictures, portals, or other in-metaverse utility you deem fit.

crystallized upliftium

Map Seed/ Genesis NFTs

Being the very first NFTs from TUW to be sold in order to fund the rewards pool of our metaverse, these are likely to remain forever respected by the team and treasured by the community! They are said to also give back to owners from time to time, so they are ones you might want to consider for the long HODL!

A Special Gratitude


Probes were a fun innovative initiative gamifying some of the most sought after land in the Uplift World into a new and entertaining experience.  sUsed during the "Prospector Probe Event", Probe NFTs were  sent to a specific plot the person wanted to claim using one of the Random Land Packs. As long as the probe sent was the first ever to arrive at that plot, the owner could exchange 1 Random Land Pack for that specific plot's NFT key, while the rest were burned upon entry into a space that was already occupied. Now primarily viewed internally as an experiment which had its positives, it is not something we really consider will be a way forward again.  That said, there are still a few Probe NFTs kicking around for those die hard collectors out there to stash away as a momento of our amazing journey through the trials and tribulations of TUW metaverse construction.  

Prospector Probe

Support Ticket

Contacting the UpliftWorld Help Desk (https://upliftworld.zendesk.com/hc/en-us) is the only way to raise concerns and have those concerns resolved. Please file a support ticket if you have concerns related to technical issues, bans, rules/guidelines, or ideas/suggestions for how to improve the experience in the metaverse.