The DAO and the people behind it

The Decentralized Autonomous Organization: Learn how we ensure decentralization participation for everyone. Find out how you can take part in the creation and success of the metaverse.

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In a nutshell

DAO: Made by the community for the community. Transparent and open:

The creation of a decentralized, autonomous organization was the answer of the initial team to cope with topics that often fall short in the "wild west of crypto disruption."

  • Absolute transparency: Everyone should be able to know what is being built and what is happening when it comes to treasury, finances, team, staff, and why.
  • Participation: No talent should be wasted. Everyone who invests passion, time or money should be able to be heard and to change things, if the argument is sound and convincing.
  • Decentralized and on the blockchain. Do centralized structures and conventions make sense for a decentralized and open metaverse that exists online? We doubt it.

Roadmap & Whitepaper

Learn more about the details of the Uplift World Metaverse in our whitepaper. Since we are a DAO, every engaged player and community member can suggest new proposals to the DAO. If they hit an initial threshold, they can be voted on and will find their way into the whitepaper. Everyone can make a difference in the Uplift. 

The  DAO

What is a DAO? 

"A decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) / (DAC), is an organization constructed by rules encoded as a computer program that is often transparent, controlled by the organization's members and not influenced by a central government, in other words they are member-owned communities without centralized leadership. A DAO's financial transaction records and program rules are maintained on a blockchain." Quote:

Principles values
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DAO Transparency and Team Tokens

Every team member, role owner, and committee member has gone through a documented KYC verification process.
All team members have publically documented and confirmed their wallet addresses. You can even see how every member is compensated. You will also be able to review quarterly financial statements about the treasury and expenditures.


The community behind the Uplift World


The critical part in the success of every metaverse or game is its community. Ours is based on gratitude.
It only makes sense to unleash the creative potential and to have everyone benefiting from the success the community creates.

The DAO is the perfect tool. All members are holding UDT tokens which enable them to vote on every major decision and also on everyone who is involved in the DAO. Everyone can step up and take part in the creation of the metaverse.

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The DAO would also vote in committee members and an initial chairperson. The actual structure of intra-committee governance will be decided by the chairperson, ideally after consulting the other committee members. A 'one seat one vote' policy is assumed to be the default on committees. It is possible to have a committee with one person on it.

Source: Uplift World Whitepaper

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Principles Participation

UDT - your Dao Governance Token

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Uplift DAO Token UDT

UDT Token = participate and benefit

The UDT token is your ticket to become part of the Uplift World DAO with all rights and benefits. Let's build and win together. The most obvious function is that you can vote on every decision the DAO makes. The impact of your vote depends on how many tokens you have compared to all tokens that took part in the voting of a particular decision.

Not satisfied or too few tokens? No problem, make a better suggestion and gather support from the community. 

How to Get UDT?

UDT on Uniswap | Ethereum Contract: 0x0C45a9c64283F515E2B3BB84a2bbfbE9C4E89212

Is the new UDT listed on any exchanges? You can acquire UDT using decentralized exchanges like Uniswap and other "Swaps" ;-) We are looking forward to seeing centralized exchange listings, but can not provide any information about timelines for the usual reasons.

If you want to learn more about the transparency and tokens the team is holding, look here!

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