Art Collectibles - Support the Uplift

Support Artists and the Uplift DAO

Get your stunning collectible video. Preserve this part of metaverse history for later player generations. 

  • 50% of the proceeds are going directly to the artist who is building this gallery.
  • 50% of the proceeds are used to secure the transition of the Uplift World to a community driven DAO.
  • Collect them all! These NFTs will soon be part of the historic event that started everything...
Uplift World Art Collectible
Starts: 02 / 19 / 2022
Uplift World Art Collectible
Starts: 02 / 20 / 2022
Uplift World Art Collectible
Starts: 02 / 21 / 2022
Uplift World Art Collectible
Starts: 02 / 22 / 2022
Uplift World Art Collectible
Starts: 02 / 23 / 2022

The Uplift needs to become a DAO

Why? And what does this mean?

A decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) on the blockchain offers users a built-in model for collective management, innovation, and participation. Everyone who wants to contribute can be a part of this organization that will run the next level of the Uplift Metaverse.

Members Rule

The community and DAO, which everyone can be a part, are deciding how the Uplift will evolve and how the vision will become reality.

Awesome features

The DAO will enable us to focus the power of the community to build the most awesome Metaverse in existence on the Blockchain.

Everyone wins

Every member of the community and DAO benefits directly as the Uplift Metaverse grows.

Why are funds needed anyway?

The first priority is to keep the Uplift running during the transition phase, when it comes to infrastructure and team. We also need to make sure that the on ramping phase, as well as the legal setup, are flawless to roll out the DAO Metaverse.

Want to earn your badge and  put the community into power?


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You can also support the DAO by buying one of these awesome badges:

The former team is buying out the UpliftWold project to put it into the hands of the community. Help to secure the transition funding.