Welcome to the Uplift World Demo

The Uplift: The virtual world of the future, founded on gratitude, created on Minecraft, and powered by the blockchain.

Experience the Uplift

We seek to empower our community to create and explore a new universe with a connected spirit of gratitude and collaboration leading the way.  We now invite you to join The Uplift World through a demo experience that we’ve set up by entering the game in The Cathedral.  From there, you are free to roam the metaverse, discovering the creative and mesmerizing worlds being built by the immensely talented Uplift community. 

Click here to watch a guided tour

Each session is limited to THREE HOURS

Demo Instructions

  • Select UPLIFTWORLD on Minecraft Launcher
  • Sign in with an Uplift Microsoft Account  Need an account?  Click here
  • Select “Lets Go” on the Welcome to Xbox Screen
  • Select PLAY on Minecraft Launcher
  • Choose Multiplayer
  • Select The Uplift World server
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