Genesis NFTs

Get them before they're gone!

These Alpha NFTs are highly collectible as they are the very first minted NFTs of TheUplift World. Holders of these special NFTs will receive a lifetime of cool freebies, perks, and add-on values just for helping us fund our wax crypto rewards pool! The pool will be used to reward players, builders, artists, landowners and visitors of The Uplift World!

Welcome to the Uplift NFT

Welcome to The UplifT

Max Quantity: Unlimited
Price: 100 WAXP

Gratitude NFT

Uncommon Gratitude

Max Quantity: 1,000
Price: 1,000 WAXP

A Special Gratitude

A Special Gratitude

Mint #1 Auction

Quantity: #1 of 21
For auction

A Special Gratitude

MINT #2 to #21

Max quantity: 21
Price: 10,000 WAXP

  • Highly collectible and valuable. Featuring well-known artist mBlu of 
  • Blockchain-verified assets that will continue to reward you over and over again as part of theUplift Community
  • Hodlers of these special Alpha NFTs will get sur

What will the million for the rewards pool enable?

Explore & Earn

Each visitor, land, and rail owner, will have the opportunity to earn wax rewards. Before each land & rail sales, we will offer 3 Levels of collectible NFTs. These NFTs have a dual purpose: (1) They fund our rewards pool and (2) They offer significant bonuses to those who purchase them. 

Land Rights

Land rights come in the form of immutable, blockchain-verified NFTs, granting owners the right to develop their land, increasing its value. You can re-sell your land rights, keep it and earn valuable rewards by attracting visitors and players to your neck of the woods :-)

Infinite Possibilities

Owning rights to land in TheUplift gives you creative license to dream up meaningful, cool experiences for others to enjoy. Host live events, shpw off your art, trade/sell/buy NFTs, get rewards, build epic monuments and cityscapes - it's all up to your imagination.   

Just Weeks Away 

We've begun creating the Alpha version of The Uplift World. Our ambitious plans will continue to roll out over the next year and beyond.  We're intent on bringing you the most incredible, awe-inspiring and fun Minecraft playing experience. 

A Metaverse Built On Gratitude

TheUplift World is all about Gratitude, Generosity, and Community. This is our ethos and we're proud of our Telegram Group of over 1500 Uplifters that have all subscribed and live up to this lofty high ground. Strong friendships have already been made; everyone supporting each other with random acts of kindness and inclusion. Come join us - You'll love the vibe!  

the blu room

Be part of something bigger and meaningful

"The Uplift" is based on the Uplift.Art principle to create a winning scenario for everyone. In this case: Every visitor, player, builder, creator or trader of NFTs. Everything is interconnected. Founded on positivity and collaboration, every participant can uplift others in a win-win upward spiral. We want everyone to win in terms of fun, creativity,  meaningful connections and experiences, but also in "material" crypto or NFT rewards for being awesome and contributing to the whole.

Uplift.Art gives a large portion of its revenue to selected charitable projects that need funding to make the world a better place.