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Upliftium and in-game tokens are used to make the Uplift World in-game economy more fun and rewarding.
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Community Logo Project

Our community is a large group of active people who have been a big part of helping us develop our value base and direction.
That is also the reason the Uplift is on its way on the transition to a community DAO in which the community decides on which features are delivered and plays a huge active role in the development of the project.

A few nuggets

Secondary Market on WAX

Our place to trade NFTs for daily use

Trade your game NFTs without fees and lightning-fast without any tech-knowledge, or complicated wallet-setups. You can choose between a huge, and ever-growing number of marketplaces like &, or trade directly here.

No wallet? No problem! 

You can set up a browser-wallet, or purchase WAXP tokens with a few clicks within 2 minutes. Create a WAX Wallet and start trading.

WAX Cloud Wallet
Cross Chain Supported Blockchains Uplift World

The Uplift World supports an ever-growing list of blockchains. Do you want to trade certain assets on other blockchains? Learn more...

Trade NFTs on Other Blockchains

Cross Chain Supported Blockchains Uplift World

The newest additions are exclusive Land Keys and Worlds on the Ethereum Blockchain.