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I am a Brazilian, who has traveled to over 20 countries and lived in the U.S., Australia, Indonesia and currently in Singapore. Traveling and getting to know different cultures is a great part of who I am. Naturally, I love diversity and despise segregation, racism, and any sort of disrespect between human beings. I dream of a world where we are judged by what we did to others, not by the way we look or the personal preferences we have.

My initial graduation was in Hospitality Management in 2007 in Brazil. That was where I learned to have and outstanding eye for customer service, as well as a very useful set of skills (which I still consider extremely valid). After that I did a digital photography course which led me to post-graduate studies in Audiovisual Communications, with a focus on Cinema. Those courses opened my horizons to the possibility of doing creative work as a professional. It wasn’t immediate that I started to explore that option though, as I took a position as IT manager and all round tech problem solver at a small civil engineering company for a few years before deciding to focus on designing and developing (web and mobile). I moved from Brazil to Australia to study Programming and Digital Media, receiving diplomas in Software Development as well as Digital Media Technologies with High Distinctions. Right after that, I concluded an Advanced Diploma of Management. During my time in Australia, among other positions, I worked as Web Marketing Manager at Cleancare in Melbourne (Australia) where, among many other things, I developed and migrated their entire web store to a more robust in-house solution with great results.

I also met my first startup’s other two co-founders and personal great friends in Australia, with whom I went to Indonesia to start Mobilkamu. I worked as Chief Creative Officer for a bit over 6 years, and throughout these years I was responsible for overseeing the Design, Marketing, Relations and Technology departments, as well as assisting with multiple other areas. Mobilkamu was the biggest online new car selling platform in Indonesia at some point. We achieved that by selling all makes and models, offering a more fluid and efficient experience, as well as providing the best customer service in the market. Unfortunately, the company didn’t survive the COVID-19 global pandemic and its effects on the economy, and we decided to hibernate it.

The biggest risk I ever took was to move to a country I had never been to, nor did I know the language, to found a startup company, and I’m grateful for having done it because the amount of experiences it provided me simply cannot be compared to much else out there.

Another project I co-own is the traveling blog and podcast called Casal Pelo Mundo (content in Brazilian Portuguese) together with my wife, Mariana. This project has been put on hold for a little while now.

I currently live in Singapore and work for the coolest Minecraft-based metaverse powered by the blockchain out there, called The Uplift World. I love what I do and I am extremely grateful for this opportunity!

The blockchain helps to provide fairness, transparency, and a trustworthy governance system that allows for community participation at a deeper level than more traditional companies. Also, it makes for a quicker way to get in and out, so only those really interested should stick around and help develop the project.

Of course, in order for people to be willing to stay engaged long-term, the game needs to offer a big range of interactive activities and the possibility to entertain a variety of consumers with different interests. A metaverse as complete as The Uplift World does that brilliantly, in my humble opinion. How? The people, just like any other project. Be it the team or the community, the people actively interested and involved are those who dictate whether a project will succeed or fail. Success means these people truly believe in the project and are looking for long-term sustainability instead of immediate gains at all costs. Failing means they only have one interest in mind, such as money or power.

In my opinion, the P2E aspect is mostly important for a more robust, immersive economic experience in the metaverse that blends in with the real world economy, so that I can feel like the friction between spending and earning in my digital life and my physical one is the least possible. It’s there for people to truly understand that stuff in the metaverse has real value, just like anything in the real world.

The Uplift World is truly a place where I could see myself establishing a home online, where I can trust whatever I build on my plots will be there for years to come. A place to hang out with like-minded people and enjoy a lighter form of life, one that requires more willingness to have fun and less need to worry.

I believe that in the world we live in, everyone has experienced what it is to be tied to a position where you don’t do what you love, but feel like you can’t leave because of responsibilities. The Uplift World turns that idea upside down for me.  I am free to do what I love. It is a place where I have no pressure to do work and yet, I work as much as I do because I just love it, and whenever I can’t do something because I have “in real life” duties or appointments, that is immediately understood and accepted with empathy, care, and love from a team that is truly… special.

I hope The Uplift World lasts forever, always fighting against discrimination and segregation, while offering a safe place online for all to live in peace and harmony. I hope its growth is organic and that it grows only as much as there are good human beings genuinely interested in joining it. I would be completely ok with the project never going mainstream and remaining a small alternative metaverse, if that was the condition for it to remain with the characteristics I described above.

I rarely use any of the below-mentioned platforms, but they exist and are mine:

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