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Member of: Co Founders, Core Team, Creative, Marketing, Product
DAO Roles: Chair: Creative Committee, Chair: Product Committee, Graphic Design Coordinator, Product Coordinator

I always was that kind of quirky person that did not really fit in and had to create its own boxes to check. The volume of different interests also made it very hard to focus on one thing in a world that worships specialization. I was born and lived in Germany for most of my life but always enjoyed making new experiences and traveling, which made me end up living in Cyprus for now. I also really enjoy warm, sunny weather 😉

I studied Art and Marketing, but already noticed that I don’t want to work in this field while studying. I started my first tech startup right after finishing. I worked in many digital fields from web design & “development” to online marketing, the venture capital world, and software product management. The combining factor is that I really have a passion for being creative and building products.

I was an investor in WAX almost right from the start and have always been fascinated by NFTs, the possibilities, and the community that formed. One of these typical, wonderful coincidences made me meet mBlu in the early days of Uplift.Art, and I ended up building the project with him, Jimmy D, Flo, and all the wonderful supports. This was also the first occasion I met Corey. That escalated quickly, and the rest is history. I was here from the start, managing and building NFTS, artworks, building the website, doing a bit of marketing stuff, and being a product manager and builder in a broader sense. 

Freedom motivates me, to be able to be creative and build something awesome while being with people I love. To do something that is part of a world-transforming technology shift, has a positive impact on many people’s day-to-day life, and to just have a lot of fun!

We are here to use this new NFT and blockchain technology to build something that brings games, in this case Minecraft, to the next level. Play & Earn is an important part of it, because it adds a whole new vector that allows everyone to participate equally from an awesome game and community. It adds additional fun and excitement and has the potential to fulfill the dream of many gamers and creators; to be potentially able to make a nice extra income, or even a living from all the hours, love, and dedication you are putting into your favorite game and community.

The important part is that there is a sustainable, long-term win for everyone. Principles like “Click or buy thing = get magic internet money” or earnings that are only generated by the addition of new users are nice, but a straw fire at the end. That means a successful play to earn has the same success metrics as a conventional game. Also, every aspect of the play to earn component should basically model how normal economies or making a living through social media works. Therefore, I like the term “Play & Earn” more.

Being based on the blockchain gives The Uplift World a solid foundation. It needs a component of luck, exploration, and excitement is always a good thing. At the end, it is the exchange of goods and services people really want to fulfill real needs. Like getting ahead in the game faster than “grinding,” doing some next level stuff (literally), generating more visibility or sales e.g. on your plot, or getting more social status in the community – whatever this means to you – to name a few. NFTs & blockchain offer many exciting possibilities to do this and to ensure authentic and easy transferrable ownership. But they are just a brilliant and disruptive tool, to recombine mechanics we know already to make them more fun!

I see The Uplift World, years from now, as a vast, creatively rich metaverse with boundless possibilities that will be in the same league with the largest metaverses in the space. A platform that makes players excited for the day from the moment they wake up. A place that builds sustainable connections. A leading example that DAOs can work and are great.

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Discord: SingularityZero#6446