Team Profile Image Chris


Member of: Co Founders, Core Team, New Projects, New Worlds, Operations, Rewards
DAO Roles: DAO Ombudsperson, Head Project Management, Project Coordinator

I mined some BTC way back in the day to heat the house I was living in in university. After University, I co-founded a plant biotech company. We sold our IP a couple years back, which included a non-compete for me. During this time I got back into crypto, including NFTs. I was very big into Axie Infinity in the early days. During the first big gas price pump, I sought out other chains, including WAX. I worked for KOGs for 7 months before joining up with The Uplift. 

We are a strong community, but what sets us apart is the ‘neighborhood’ aspect of our worlds, as well as the ‘long earth’ way you can move between worlds more easily than across them. Our sustainability is driven by engaging gameplay loops, good tokenomics, and community-driven content creation.  Play to Earn turns time spent in ‘video games’ from a perceived negative into a resounding positive and is the best thing we can do, both for games and budding metaverses. 

The Uplift of the near future includes Guilds and lone wolves developing plots, participating in events, and trading resources until they build up enough Upliftium to buy or co-buy a world from the world DAO vending machine. New people will discover The Uplift through in-browser limited experiences, then getting inspired to jump into Minecraft for the first time. The future vision also includes popular Minecraft server networks recommending us for at least some aspects of the experience, with a resulting influx of curious people from the Minecraft community. 

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