Team Profile Dr Wayne

Dr. Wayne

Member of: Co Founders, Core Team, New Projects, New Worlds, Operations, Rewards
DAO Roles: R&D In Residence, Regen Service Team

Dr. Wayne is also the resident Mage of the Uplift. He takes a good deal of pride in being able to deliver the impossible upon request, but this is tempered by an equal desire to not disappoint people or give off the impression that working miracles is synonymous with instant gratification. He has a tendency to under-promise and over-deliver, with the most well-known example being when player and landowner rewards were first distributed – oh, by the way, we’ve been tracking you for a month, here are your first rewards!

When he’s not creating the metaverse and working on game mechanics, Dr. Wayne can be found doing IRL maker projects, working on becoming a commercial real estate baron, learning languages, and diving into the plethora of his other business projects.

Dr. Wayne’s social media are separate from his work life.