Profile Picture Gary


Member of: Co Founders, Core Team, Operations
DAO Roles: Data Collection and Visualization

I was building for the Boid team on Genesis, in what is now known as one of the first cities in the Uplift. My work was noticed by Corey and mBlu, one thing led to another, and I joined the team as the staff builder/Upliftium services guy. The Uplift is a special place where I learned the power of gratitudes. 

I personally don’t think Play to Earn is important to the Uplift. It’s nice to have it as an incentive, but it is not what fuels the Uplift community of gratitudes. 

People, community, and frictionless access to decentralized financial services fuel a sustainable blockchain game. I don’t have a magic ball, so I don’t know what the future will bring, but I do believe more people will get into crypto in the future, and so hopefully some of them will find their way into the Uplift and contribute to growing this project.

I am the quiet type. I help in the background… I don’t really do social media, that’s more for you millennials 😉   I am pretty private person, but you can reach me on telegram @ghobson or via email,