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Member of: Budget, Co Founders, Core Team, Events, Marketing
DAO Roles: Chair: Marketing Committee, Marketing Strategy Coordinator

I have loved playing in Minecraft worlds with friends and family ever since I can remember. It is so fun to mine, build, and play alone, but playing with friends? MAGICAL! I joined the UpliftWorld as a player back in May of 2021 and immediately became ENTHRALLED with the concept. A world where you can play and earn side by side amazing, supportive, and helpful community members is a world where we can all WIN WIN WIN! My first plot of land was in Londom, and a wonderful player named EduardVS helped me get started in the game. After I realized ALL UPLIFTERS are so welcoming and excited to introduce you to everything the metaverse has to offer, I knew I HAD to be a part of the amazing community. So off to our telegram I went to introduce myself and chat with players ENDLESSLY about all of the exciting possibilities before us. After showing passion and excitement for the project, the wonderful Caue Motta reached out about how I could support the team. And before I knew it, I was moderating the community, creating marketing tools, managing the UpliftWorld socials, joining team meetings, and proposing creative ideas for the game! This entire story feels so surreal, and I am incredibly grateful to my team for giving me the opportunity to work with their brilliant human selves.

It is important for players to be able to own land that is an investment, which will continue to produce value in different ways over time. Not only is earning as you play an important added value, but it also incentivizes the type of gameplay which will add value to the metaverse in other ways, such as through building and attending events! Play to earn is an underlying incentive which encourages growth across the UpliftWorld Regions. For it to be good and sustainable, it is important that it can draw players in and keep them playing for hours on end! It has to be extremely enticing and exciting, both in the short term AND in the long term.

The UpliftWorld is a place where great minds can collaborate. Artists, builders, and designers alike can all bring their unique skills to create something beautiful together. Beauty created by collaboration results in a network effect of like-minded people contributing to the world.

I see a future of minimum 500 people in the UpliftWorld servers at all times, with people gathering and doing the jump shift happy dance together at every spawn area. I also envision people all over social media talking about “one of the first play to earn games where you are able and excited to play for hours on end!”  I imagine that in the future, new players will join by connecting to the servers and roaming on other people’s plots for free, and then earning enough plot shards and Upliftium to get a plot of their own one day!

Momentum forward comes from how deeply embedded gratitude and paying it forward are to individuals in our community. I see community members constantly giving each other important supplies as well as great tips & advice. It makes my heart grow to see how motivated our community is to WIN WIN WIN together!

You can follow me on twitter @Samantha15Here !