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Member of: Operations, Rewards, Rules and Bans
DAO Roles: Chair: Rewards Committee, Discord Wizard

I’ve been involved in video game development, graphic design, web development, video game community management, and other various nerd-stuff for 20+ years. As a result of my history and my appreciation for this community and the Uplift Team, I decided to make a push to try and help in any way that I could. 

The Uplift World to me means community, like-mindedness (to many degrees), cooperation, and shared enjoyment. The name itself invites an uplifting sense of togetherness, and it seems to have embodied that up to this point, and will certainly continue to do so. Uplift is love. Uplift is Life. 🙂

In my opinion, a sustainable blockchain game keeps the player base engaged and interested in what’s around the next bend. Why blockchain? Because blockchain!  I feel that P2E is an attractive mechanic for a lot of games/platforms right now, and works as not only a marketing tool to bring people into the community for the first time… but also provides a mechanism for players without heaps of disposable income to generate passive income to grow their assets and expand their experience. Play-To-Earn is a great feature, but offers short term attractiveness to a certain subset of players. Constant/consistent growth, innovation, events, and proper marketing keeps the value of the community itself high, thus keeping the value of assets high…moving the real play-to-earn mechanic into the community experience itself as well as the secondary asset market. 

There are so many paths the project could take in the future that my over-analytical brain can’t project one possible outcome…but I definitely see the project growing into something even more incredible than it already is. I see sub-communities forming out of the existing community (such as the art-specific community, the gamer-specific community, and the crypto-specific community)… but I also foresee these sub-groups still maintaining enough overlap to continue to function as a singular entity in the same uplifting manner as present. I see the DAO working together to follow ideas and create things we may not even realize are possible today, and I see nothing but innovation and excitement in the future.

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