Gratitude Build Contest: The Finalists

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December 23, 2021

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As many of you know, here at The Uplift World we always try our best to incentivize even more activities and great builds in a multitude of ways across our various metaverse sectors.  Now what constitutes ya great build you may be wondering?  Well, quite frankly any of the follow would be more than in the running for that, but as the customary spirit of competition demands when there are only a few prizes on the line, not everyone can carry the trophy home.  So despite how amazing all these are – and truly, so amazing that we do hope to feature them all here in a deep dive on in the not too distant future – we do require some assistance from the community now that the window for entries has closed in getting to the bottom of which one will take the final title of some formidable prizes still up for grabs.

  • 1 random Londom land to 2 random entrants picked from Tweets with #GratitudeBuild on Twitter
  • 1 random Londom land to the top 3 builds as voted in Discord

In the order of submission to our #gratitude-build-contest channel on Discord, here are the entries.

Meow’s Winter Wonderland

Gratitude 4250,1550

“This is my entry into The Uplift World Gratitude Build contest as well as the CryptoStache Holiday Build contest! This was 100% built solo. The floor and walls are snow blocks as well as the snowman is solid snow blocks everywhere except the 1×1 elevator tube and the glass top hat.”

Cutty Sark, Ship in a Bottle

Buccaneer’s Bay, Gratitude 3250, 2000

“My brother Einfachnathi and I, Stahlmann271, built the Cutty Sark from LordDakr in survival mode in The Uplift World. The ship was built inside a giant glass bottle, with a coral reef on the ground.  It is a replica of the actual Cutty Sark, a wool clipper built in 1869 and one of the fastest ships of her time. You can still visit this ship today in London Greenwich. Because of the history, we decided to sell on the lower deck all colors of wool.  On the upper deck you can find other things for sale such as aquatic things, coral, shells, tridents, prismarin, and more. The whole project was build in survival mode and it took us around 4 weeks to gather resources and build it. We hope that you will someday visit, swim with the dolphins and fish, find some special treasures, enjoy the view from the cork and your time wandering around the deck.  Special thanks to Katze and Nathi for their amazing video work to complete our submission below” Stahlmann271


Gratitude 3600, 3300

“Welcome to Prosperity, a 13 floor concave building with glass shaped to look like the Philippine flag. Enjoy the beautiful scenery that the building has to offer, as well as the ominous secrets that lie underneath. Prosperity is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also a completely functional base and is home to a slime farm and a skeleton spawner that is free to access for the public! Prosperity is a 50×50 project that took 2 weeks to complete. It was made with 4 shulkers worth of sand for glass, 10 shulkers of sand and 10 shulkers gravel for concrete, and lots of dyes. All designing, excavating, material gathering, concrete making, and building was done by just me, NFG_Klint.  Special thanks however for video filming and editing.” NFT_Klint


Gratitude 3450,1700

“This is our first build on Gratitude server in The Uplift World Metaverse. We have been inspired by the Seregost Castle in Lord of the Rings online mmorpg game. This build has many facilities like a built-in shop, an enchantment area, farms, an anvil, and other useful aspects. Even though it is not the most complex nor the hardest built, it took us over 200 hours of work time between exams, work, and research. Our shop is open to everyone now and the castle is expecting its visitors! The builders consisted of NeptuneOlivaw and Dddavsan.  Special thanks to SithKoareth, as without him we wouldn’t have finished on time” Neptune On The Road

The Tiefling Tower

Gratitude 4500, 2850

“Check out the Tiefling Tower, a building that resided in the ninth hell until a corruption started to ravage the land and all buildings.  To save his families tower, Lord Zircon teleports the Tiefling Tower into the over world to stop the corruption from destroying the building totally. Together after making a deal with the land owner and new ally Lord Zircon,  a lucrative business is set to take shape inside the ruined Tiefling Tower.

This was a really fun build to do. As it is only on a small plot, I knew I would have to make something more detailed since I couldn’t make it big. Height was the best way to get a grander feel of the build all together, along with using light to dark gradient to make the tower and cliff feel taller. Another issue that I faced was making the build feel a part of the world without it feeling limited to such a small plot size. Thus, the idea was birthed of making a tower that appeared through a portal. Over all, this was an amazing build to do and experience to be a part of, and it is only just beginning, for I am already intending next to rebuild the inside into a nether shop. As an aside, I’m loving all the other builds in this competition, and really do I hope you all enjoy the build and short film we created for our entry into the Gratitude Build Contest.” ArtifactNFT’s

Mundo Crypto’s Build

Gratitude 3777, 2428

Check out this build by Mundo Crypto entailing a maze, shops, museum, aquarium, art gallery, and more!

The Colosseum

Gratitude 4700, 1600

Welcome to the Colosseum in Gratitude, an interesting place born from a world of snow and ice.  A build by Ebeneezer who states it couldn’t have been accomplished without his bro who helped  all the way through, as well as for his building and donation efforts too. “Come spend your Upliftium at his pop up stores in our S.W. corner and take a gander around the Colosseum to fully appreciate all that has been built.”

Darkness Rising’s Rocket Raccoon & Mighty Groot Fishing Paradise

“Actually didn’t get to finish the full build due to a lack of materials and energy after what was almost a full 2 days of work getting this place in tip top shape as one of, if not, the best place to drop your line and fish all day and night! Some of the best books, bows & rods caught here in the past two days. But all the same, here is a preview to what I did get finished on this Rocket Raccoon & The Mighty Groot build at our lovely plot in Gratitude.” Darkness Rising

Gratitude Build Contest Voting NOW Live!!

Some amazing builds and video turn outs in support of the first ever Gratitude Build Contest in The Uplift World Metaverse.  Hope you enjoyed the above and took the time to like and share all these amazing entries out.  And don’t forget, to join our Discord to vote for your personal favorites before the clock runs out on January 1st, 2022!!


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