#Shameless_Plug_of_UpLifting_Proportions: The Tiefling Tower

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December 23, 2021

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“The Tiefling Tower in Gratitude 4500, 2850 was a really fun build to do. I only have a single smaller plot so I knew I would have to make something smaller and more detailed. Obviously height was the best way to get a grander feel of the build, but alongside the utilization of  light to dark gradient, we were able to make the tower and cliff feel taller. Another issue that we faced was making the build feel a part of the world without it feeling limited to a 50×50 plot size. Thus the idea was birthed of making it a tower that appeared through a portal, which then effectively lead to it being a Nether themed build. I also wanted a place for my friends to play D&D online, so the idea is to set up a room for that when the tower is rebuilt. Teifling Tower in fact is a race in D&D and hence where the name was derived. Over all, I had an amazing time building this with my friend over the past weeks, despite a few deaths and inventory losses in the nether.  I’m also really excited about the story that came out of the experience and the future we have to look forward to as we progress into the next phase of the plot.  

The Tiefling Tower is a building that resided in the ninth hell, until that is a corruption started to ravage the land and all buildings. To save his families tower, Lord Zircon teleported The Tiefling Tower into the over world to stop the corruption from destroying the building entirely. After making a deal with the land owner, Lord Zircon now has a plan to make a lucrative business inside the ruins of The Tiefling Tower.”

The Tiefling Tower in all it’s glory

A relatively stabilized teleportation portal which brought The Tiefling Tower from the Nether

The tower base and stairway up into the inside of the tower

Contrasting corruption with stability

An omnous site especially upon a stormy night

A corruption induced interior

However, quite spacious and easy enough to reform

Some beautiful colors in the upper reaches where the rays of the sun peek through

And some Netherite Brick with oh so majestic a hue

Towering high above all the lands around

With some serious business potential to supply all those who may have purchasing needs that surround

Behold, The Tiefling Tower in all it’s glory


It has become our mission as of recent to showcase as much as we possibly can in a variety of ways to get those awesome creations, builz, and building skillz out there as best we can.  #Shameless_Plug_of_Uplifting_Proportions is a series intended for those great individual and team builders to display their amazing Uplift World Metaverse builds to the broader community.  The story and video above was provided by ArtifactNFTs and put into print alongside images taken by Jimmy D. As good as all this is however, if pales in comparison to the actual in metaverse experience of wandering through this amazing build first hand. And of course the other benefit to heading on in and checking this pretty cool gallery concept out are those infamous play to earn rewards you have surely begun to hear so much about.

As for your personal builds, we are always open to submissions in various forms to showcase all those unique and amazing things being done of within your personalized regions of our shared metaversal existence.  For more on this, please be sure to check out The Path to Featured Buildz & Events Inside Your Uplift World or take a cue from the variety of other posts on our official site to get an idea of all the dynamic possibilities for you to display and interact with the rest of us.  And feel free to reach out to Jimmy D on TelegramTwitter, or Discord anytime for assistance on putting whichever best suits your preferred vantage point into motion.  In the meantime, thank you for dropping on into our official blog and if you happened to enjoy this piece and all the others, please do like and share this out so that we can show the world at large just how amazing this collective place we call home truly is.

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*This article was composed by Jimmy D based off of information and video content provided by ArtifactNFTs. All in-metaverse images also taken by Jimmy D.

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