Mitzi’s Marvelous Art Gallery and Horse Drop

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February 7, 2022

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Welcome one, and welcome all, to an experience like no other that ends with the most majestic of falls….

Mitzi’s Marvelous Art Gallery and Horse Drop was my first land in The Uplift. I purchased it May 5 2021, thinking I had already missed out! I was super excited when I found it, a bunch of trees, with almost no neighbors! Then right out there in a field nearby were two horses! I had no idea about horse eggs, these horses were caught naturally 🙂 They became the foundation horses for our little ranch. All of our horses are named after famous thoroughbred race horses. Find your way here through a portal in ClasseART’s basement, grab a horse, Enjoy winding your way up the spiral looking at art and the view, then take the plunge into the horse drop! I wanted to keep the open air feel and give more room to ride around. The neighborhood has grown and I have some really cool neighbors! 850, 1100 Genesis!! (Mitzi)

Flowers of all colors, shapes, and sizes to brighten pretty much any time of day
A good place to wander and check out the variety in which ways they are displayed
Be sure to wander to the hills up high, for that is where the horses and other wildlife seem to mostly reside
Now to find one able, willing, and ready to begin the climb and head on over to where things are about to get a little more sublime
Past the ClasseArt portal and hotel info board
Don’t forget the visitor center which details the simple things you might not know
Take one last look at the drop pool below
And around the tier one grounds before up and away you go
Time to explore and see where every pathway and ladder doth go
The winding road to the top begins
Up, up, and away, circling the fringe
Don’t forget to look up, down, and all around, for the engaging views are quite profound
Finally at the top
View from the top of the magnificent horse drop
The drop on down to the pool below…
with a look back up to where the decent began, thinking oh how wonderful to do it all again
This time however as the moon doth rise
Higher and higher together checking out night time art in the sky
Perspective of choice in the presence of place
Dropping once more completing yet another euphoric engagement of place
And a farewell till next time to the aura, essence, and life of its own kind that lives in this amazing place

Ascent of the Senses

By far the most fascinating way to experience all that you have seen above is to wander into Mitzi’s Marvelous Art Gallery and Horse Drop at Genesis 850, 1100 and take your own journey around this magnificent experience like no other.  As is with many builds however, perspectives alter the ways in which we are able to tailor our vantage points and tune into new frequencies.  As grand we maintain the first person nuance of wandering around solo here on this build will be, have a look at what happens when the creation of Mitzi meets the music of Sovoccor and the video walk through of Gary the Architect…

Mitzi’s Journey Through The Uplift World

Although Mitzi’s Marvelous Art Gallery and Horse Drop may have been the first land Mitzi took under her reigns in the metaverse, it by far was not the last.  In fact, Mitzi has been quite influential in building up quite the community around The Pioneer Hotel (Londom, 1750, 1500), The Aztec Hotel (Upluft, 1000, 2000), The Mariposa Hotel (Chik’in Ka’ah, 3000, 4050), and all of the weekly in metaverse quests and networking with other builders, artists, and metaversians that go along with it.  If you have yet to do so catch up with Mitzi and her mission plan in the post below, and keep an eye out on for future article and event updates.

The Uplift BLDRZ: Featuring the Many Magnificent Talents of Mitzi

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Are you too a gallery owner in The Uplift World Metaverse looking to feature you creation or past, present, or future exhibitions right here on ? Well, if so, all you really have to do is get in touch with Jimmy D on TelegramTwitter, or Discord and we will see what we can do to make the magic happen.

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*This article and accompanying main body images was put together by Jimmy D with all quotations sited to Mitzi.

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