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August 6, 2021

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It is actually quite uncanny the amount of amazing buildz, projects, and people involved across this little metaverse we call home has become.  The Uplift World BLDRZ blog is intended to be one avenue where we can feature projects, individuals, and teams doing amazing builds within multiple sectors of the Uplift World.

For this episode we will have a look into a Mega City Tower that came to our attention via an introductory video tagging us on Twitter.  Overall it is a pretty interesting story the foray into both blockchain and our not so little anymore metaverse, but the real treat lies in the showcasing and excitement behind the potential of this unique little plot set to house some pretty interesting things over the coming weeks and months.

How did you first get introduced to top blockchain and cryptocurrency?  

My first FIAT transfer to Bitcoin was on 14 December 2012 as it was really cheap to buy BTC back then! Also I bought some USB ASIC Erupters 3.3GHz BTC USB miners to join a mining pool to get some returns, but it turned out I only broke even by reselling my miners!  How amusing to think I now have some virtual NFT miners mining Upliftium for me after all this time!

Next I started some small day trading with all manner of coins and tokens on exchanges like Coinbase and Uphold while praying my investments would fly to the moon, but none did! Cause I always freaked out and cashed out, I thought maybe I am not well suited really to be a day trader, well, not with my own money anyways.  But this experience gave me enough seed money to enter some of the blockchains games and projects that I talking about in this blog.

As for blockchain, well I can tell you exactly when I started, and it was not that long ago even though it REALLY seems like years and I’ve become a seasoned pro at it all!

I began in the EOS blockchain with with a UPX currency purchase on the 9th of February 2021.  For WAX it was a little later, not much though, and opened my first account on the 22nd February 2021.  Apparently in just 5 months I spent over 68,000 WAX! The wife does not know about this!!  To be fair though, I have sold about half as much as I bought, so at least there is that.

As for Ethereum, to get into an Etherfishing collection, I began relatively late by opening an account on the 17th of April, 2021.

What is it about the future of blockchain and cryptocurrency that excites you the most?

I just love the projects on these blockchains as they become more than just wallets for my digital currencies, but offer me gamification on collecting stuff (NFTs!) and support actual gaming and getting cryptocurrencies from them. I think it’s so empowering and exciting that I’m actually being rewarded by playing games or just owning an NFT.

I know I am not a financial advisor, but this market/industry/metaverse also allows all of us the ability to be a daytime trader through Defi (Decentralised Exchanges) like, and it’s a thrill playing the market in trading/exchanging tokens from one thing to another and setting limits and market values to buy and sell!  However, I MUST force myself to HODL more as I freak out at the slightest hint of a dip!

Could you maybe tell us a little about your primary NFT project and series?

FOODWARSPCTX is a collection of all things food and drink that I love taking photos of.  I began taking food and drink photos ten years ago, even before Instagram began or it became “a thing” way back in the early 2000’s.

So as you might guess I have a lot, but only in recent years have these photos been done more professionally and on a better camera, and now set up as food for the money shot so to speak!

Despite appearances, the ‘cards’ themselves are not really a game, although could be treated I guess in a trump like scenario, but rather the aim or goal is to build up a collection of food dishes that you might like to have and own. I know food can be a very personal thing and note most of my more exotic Asian food shots are not to everyone taste.  In fact it seems that the more common or everyday food items in the West are the ones that seem to fly off the shelves.  Someone has even asked me for a deal for four Pot Noodles NFTs to be brought (English guilty pleasure in pouring hot water in a cup for an Instant Noodle meal)

My food items have three tiers from common, rare, and epic.  They also include ratings from 1-10 of how much they cost to make or buy, and how tasty it was for me.  I do actually have some templates for legendary, but I think maybe I will reserve them for a dish from attending a three Michelin-starred restaurant (UK top-rated food establishment), or maybe even a dish that is so heavenly that I probably die from how good it is! 
One buyer explicitly ask me to notify him when I mint the 8th Epic NFT card listed food item (Chinese traditional mooncake) and was NOT willing to purchase mint numbers 1, 2, or indeed any other number since in some traditions, 8 is a lucky number.  This card also had the added bonus of having 8 rated for Yummy factor and also 8 for cost since it can be very expensive.  And yes, if you were wondering I was happy to mint some extra NFTs to get the mint number up to 8 so he could get his hands on that.
I invest time into this project not to make money, but to share my passion for food and photography and sharing it with others through the NFT space is a bonus for me.  For those that like what I do, I hope that you continue in purchasing my NFTs, and someday I play to reward some with a VIP mythical NFT card listing your name, like this one-
Another project that I have begun in the NFT space is pcturtlepics. It is  also on Atomic hub, but not whitelisted yet. It is composed of a series of photos that I have taken over the years and I feel really proud of these images.  Since I really love the idea of NFT’s I wanted to make this series to show my work.

How did you first find out about the theUplift.World?

To be honest, even I saw all the promotions going on, I didn’t really understand them at first. Also, Minecraft didn’t really appeal to me at that time thinking it was just a game for kids.  But boy was I wrong. I see now it is much bigger than a simple game, especially seeing what people in the Uplift World have done.

Like trying to explain to a non-IT person why a person would spend money on this NFT item that somehow magically gives you virtual land and they just don’t understand, honestly, that was me at first as I didn’t see the true potential of this venture or value going in even though now I DO and am excited for where this rabbit hole will lead me.

I saw these land and rail pack sales advertised and missed out since I wasn’t sure what these were.  The thing about NFT’s is you have to do your own research on each and every project as there are NO instructions, detailed guides, or hand-holding you step-by-step on what to do.

This is NOT a negative thing. I do believe learning more first hand adds to the excitement and what it truly means to own those NFT’s and what they can do for you.

For me in fact, it was only when announced the link between themselves and Uplift that FOMO got hold of me and dived in and purchased a land key.

I did not really understand the price difference back then between a rail key card and a land key card so I just brought a land one cause it was the only one I could afford at that time.  Once I got into the game it was on server Londom I did not realise the plot was located in the middle of nowhere and was miles away from the spawn point and I freaked out since the second thing I did not know was that this server was NOT on a creative one which I had originally wanted from looking at the videos of Uplift.

So I decided to sell for 3580 WAX (the same NFT that I brought for 2550 one day earlier!) and brought my current land on Genesis but at a now higher price of 4000 WAX

Turns out this one was on the water and again I hit myself in the head thinking have a once again made a mistake, but as it turns out it was not such a problem and I utilised not only space in the air but also below the seafloor all the way down to bedrock at coordinates  z=0 and fun fact yes you can drop off the uplift world!

What was the overall design of the plot and why?

Full disclosure here…. as I actually did hire a Minecraft builder for my plot. There is a great website for freelances from coders to graphic designers to all manner of things you can hire people for Fiverr.  For this plot I had the pleasure of working with Lurie (iuriecanatui).  As you can see from his profile link, he has done some great Minecraft builds for others so I decided to give him a shot.  After some initial discussion about what he can do, we agreed to his package (fee).  The fee was paid fully through the website which I might add is fully supported and guaranteed, and will also refund you back the money should you have any manner of disputes with your contract with the seller.  It’s a nice backup to have just in case. 

As for the overall design, I did give him clear instructions via a google doc that was used as the project plan. I gave the builder a detailed brief and left him to his creative design, but basically what I wanted was a building that resembling one of the megacity tower blocks from Judge Dredd fused with Asian influences as well as Sci-fi themes from Blade Runner and Oblivion movies.  A tall order I know, and all to be crammed into one 50×50 plot of  land!

From there it took 4 weeks of him designing the building on his WorldEdit server (as Genesis does not support such tools), and then another 7 days to lay down the design block by block to what you see now.  

I really am so grateful for our collaboration, as otherwise I would not have had my dream build come alive and may have even ended up frustrated with focusing ‘on what could have been’. 

I am now however in the process of modifying 30% of this building  and shaping all the internal areas getting ready for my gallery to be put up.  My hope is for players to enjoy going into, exploring, and admiring all the NFTs hanging on the wall reflecting my passion for photography explained earlier.  I think it will also be fun for players to make their way up to the top floor through this gallery and build, especially if flying is ever turned off!  

What are you looking forward to the most in regards to theUplift.World?

Honestly, I really like the idea of owning my building and now I can chill on the top floor dining area of my tower and watch the sun go down and enjoy some time in the lobby by the pond and to zen out in my Japanese garden.

Probably what I am looking forward to the most though is user growth and seeing all the amazing builds come alive that are forming on the server. Seeing these attractions and more and more people come in is exciting to think about, and I’m thrilled for the possibility of more and more people coming to visit my build and explore and admire my gallery. 

What are you planning next for theUplift.World?  

I am slowly building up my gallery within my Mega Tower Complex so everyone will be able to see more of my NFT’s and photo’s I plan to put quite a few pcturtlepics images up actually.  My plan is to drop a new one in once per week with the current rate of Upliftium I am getting, but if people buy my photos then I can get more uplift miners, to increase my rate of Upliftium per hr and get all my photo’s posted up sooner than later (hint.. hint.. wink.. wink..)

I also have a second plot in Upluft and since that is a player world, I will focus my efforts on creating a sanctuary for players to rest and be safe from monsters and zombies!  And to 100% honest, that is one of the reasons I did not like the other servers because I am actually scared of spiders and monsters! 🙂

Can you tell us a couple of the projects that you support and excite you most about the current blockchain space?

It would be nice if I could narrow it down to a couple, but I really can’t.  How about a little longer of a list though?

The Uplift world (WAX): Right now this is where I am spending most of my time simply because I am GOD! I love creating my dream building and having the ability to have a virtual presence in the metaverse that is all things blockchain and crypto. (EOSIO): Try picturing Online Monopoly, a digital buying and trading game version based on real addresses that bridge the virtual and real-world, and even sometimes with nearly real-world prices!

  • $40,000 for Rockefeller Manhattan
  • $25,000 for Chrysler Building New York
  • $23,000 for the New York Stock exchange

It’s can be pretty exciting.  Recently I sold a house in the live Upland YouTube auction that I paid $90 originally to purchase. It was a historic house in Oakland, but check out how much it went for finally in the Auction and try not to get hooked on this game!  (btw, for reference 1,000 UPX = $1!)

Also, please check out my Upland dedicated webpage I use to educate and showcase my houses: (WAX): I love the idea of owning tanks (via NFTs) and soon, having PVP battles with them! And come on, with names like Hamster tanks, ones that can mine/generate the in-game currency MWM, and hardcore heavy tanks known as Elephants, how could you not be involved!

Etherfishing (Ethereum) via As soon as I saw these NFTs that are basic moving GiF images of fishes (there are also Turtles, Whales and Squids!), I knew I just had to own some of them. Not only they are cool looking, but early adopters can earn some profits as these NFTs can apparently earn money from the fishing game that will soon be released.

I did actually have mint #000, a special one of a kind Genesis fish that I won on a bid for 0.011 ETH which I just recently sold it for a whopping 0.5 ETH (Ya, it’s a lot more than the 30$ I paid for it)! It really is hard not to get excited about the potential in NFT’s when you start tracking these things. (WAX): Some really exciting stuff coming out from this project.  I actually maxed out my USB NFTs ready for staking and I’m hoping it be a good project to get into as I don’t want to FOMO on this one! (WAX): With the new concept of not even staking your NFT but keeping it in your wallet to mine power points to use in the game by using fighting NFTs with the chance to win you more goodies ** ONLY staking is active right now but soon hopefully I can send my fighter to do my bidding for me! (WAX): Getting music NFTs is great, so having my lifetime membership NFT’s of Clear, Black, and Silver in place in my wallet to get some great music content and build up my collection is something I really am excited about.

Is there anything else you would like to note about your project, community, build, upcoming events, or thoughts in general?

Nope. But I really do enjoy the daily videos Corey and Jimmy put out, and follow all these talks/discussions about emerging and exciting times that we live in for all things blockchain and cryptocurrencies.If you are looking to connect with me, you can find me on Twitter at pcturtle69.  You can also check out my Atomic hub profile and Opensea profile if you are interested to see more of the NFT projects that interest me the most. And please do not forget to come by the Mega Tower Complex to check out my adaptions, amazing sunset and relax chill spots, friendly sea monster in the basement, and the increasing art in the gallery as it takes shape.


Very interesting and beyond the run of the mill take here by pcturtle in all things Uplift, and maybe even blockchain.  Really interesting to see how this amazing build came to fruition, and inspiring to see just how not only has a passion of food and photography been realized through NFT’s, but that through the Uplift World metaverse, that these NFT’s and associated images have actually found a home to be displayed in a gallery for all to enjoy. 
As for any others out there, should you be sitting on a mind blowing design that has made it into any or many of theUplift.World metaversal regions, we would absolutely love to hear your story and how it came to be.  Simply follow these instructions and dm Jimmy D a copy alongside a main channel alert tag when complete, and we will try our best to get the best of the best out there as soon as we can.  We sincerely look forward to hearing from you all eventually, and of course, also to continuing to show off as many of the amazing Uplift BLDRZ we can.
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