Behind the Scenes with the Unsung Heroes of the Uplift World

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July 10, 2021

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First and foremost, the Uplift World is a metaverse made up by all the amazing community members that are along with us on this journey.  Behind the scenes however, there are a whole host of very intelligent, talented, and good hearted people that are here for and doing far more than anyone on the outside looking in might see or recognize as normal.  

As a team, these internal Uplifters spend countless days and nights in a small virtual room together at the base of Uplift Tower in our home, that spiritual place that resides in partiality in the Uplift World.  For you see, the Uplift World is an amazing place of unique builds and fascinating reproductions of ideas you could never fathom, but that is just the tip of the iceberg that can be witnessed with the common eye about the underlying meaning which many of us have ascribed to that beyond what you may see on the screen.  

What we are all really here for in all truth is something a little more – something in fact most of us could not find elsewhere even if we tried.  Within the spirit of the Uplift World resides a place where even if we are outvoted by our peers, our voices and the ideas they represent are heard, thought about, and respected.  At its heart, many of us feel that this place we have all come to call home is more the mentality and spirituality of continual progression and growth rooted in the foundations of gratitude for one another and the world view at large we have all worked so very hard to materialize in every single aspect of our lives and how we choose to live them.  

Although we do not necessarily see ourselves as the heroes of the Uplift, we do realize that many out there that have chosen to join us in this grand endeavor do see all that we have done as truly next level.  As a team we  love and are so grateful that it drives us on towards amplifying all these things hundred fold with no intent on stopping, cause in the end, one thing we believe at the very foundation of our soul and being we all share in common is that uplifter spirit with the potential to bring about something so amazing the world itself may not even be able to fathom the almost euphoric presence of this new age defining paradigm for progressive real world change.

Special thanks to our very good friend and such an integral part of all that we do, mBlu Crypto.  This place literally would not be the same without him and his generosity to believe in all that has been created within the Uplift World so many of us now call home.

*Cover image photo credit to Jimmy D and video production credit to mBlu

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