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February 16, 2022

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Although having never played Minecraft before becoming engaged with The Uplift World blockchain based Metaverse, the experiences thus far have really spoken to the artistic nature of Huddo.  Beginning with an Art by Huddo Gallery in Genesis the next thought was to make something to house artwork of friends and family, and thus the concept of the Friends of Huddo Gallery was born.

Being locked down with Covid, the challenge was set to finishing both these galleries, and it just so happened to be the Friends of Huddo Gallery that filled up first.  “Although complete for now, the concept was to build a modern style building that would have room to grow and incorporate more over time by easily adding more above and extending out from here where needed” says Huddo.

Elegant in it’s simplicity when viewed from the tracks
Cornering a design standard unique unto itself
Pool and covered terrace for when you need a breath of relaxation mid day
A foyer with a view
Basement art
Shout out to some of those that matter
#Shameless_Plug for some friends
Top floor art under the stars
Nice block art build balance aesthetic going round
A dusk till dawn view from the tracks
Simple yet refined concept that one can easily imagine a multitude of ways into which to expansion could take shape
Perspective of creative flight
Good jumping off point for those keen to explore Huddo and some of his friends a little more

For those interested in understanding the inspiration and thought that went into this modest but truly inspirational build, be sure to hop in below and take a walk with the creator Huddo below.

And as for what is next on the bill from this Uplifter, first on the list is finishing up the Art of Huddo Gallery at Genesis 1000, 2100.  “The structure is there and the installs on the ground floor look amazing, but still a little more art to toss up on the wall and detail into the grand scope of the build.  Beyond that, a mate of mine an me also just recently acquired a 5 plot connected block in Gratitude that we plan to do something spectacular with alongside with the kids.  The Uplift has been something I can do for fun, but also something I can play around together with my family and friends, and that for me is one of the most exciting things about this new found place!”

NFT Gaming Australia & Huddo Official Links

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*This article and associated images was curated by Jimmy D with assistance from gallery creator Huddo.

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