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March 6, 2022

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Ever heard of, “a SciFi webcomic by artist @Kayemmo about aliens at a base in Antarctica who love the Earth but are ambivalent about its inhabitants and hate their jobs”?!? Well, neither had I until I stumbled upon the build in Upluft at 2275, 3500.  Truth be told, the reality of the situation is that it kinda stumbled upon me, but when our very own Uplift Jedi Caue Motta shared this with me urging me to swing on by and take a gander at this Upluft gallery… and man, am I ever glad I did!

Now keep in mind at the time I first found out about this amazing place I knew nothing at all about the project.  Hearing about a cool new gallery build, especially one in survival was enough in itself to get me on the rails and headed on over to check it out.  Knowing not what kind of gallery it would turn out to be really was half the fun.

Arriving at night, the palate of colors instantly intrigued me.
And then I saw the comic covers, something that always gets my interest churning
Moving a little deeper to find comic frames on the wall was equally as exciting
A massive trench of an excavation site lies beneath, and really does tell the story of all that went into this survival build
Block by block being built up above…
… and seemingly quite with a whole lot more surprises in store.
But for now, back down to explore more of what is done.  Honestly cannot say I have ever encountered a sunken bed either in metaverse or beyond before. Pretty interesting concept that got me thinking about what such a place to awake in real life would open my eyes to…
Glimpses of art through open spaces in the buildings facade at this gallery whilst moving around really is next level
Just lovin’ these grounds. Go!
More image and light play
And at times shadows I’m not even sure I comprehend
It is just all so believably surreal
And combined with movements of which I both do and don’t control, really a place to take your ideas and thoughts on a journey that will surprise you at every turn
Now if that little jaunt around the Upluft Gallery doesn’t get your curiosity pumping, not really sure what will.

Having toured a lot of amazing builds in The Uplift World, there was just something about not knowing anything about the people that built this or the project that was being displayed that captivated me.  The gallery and grounds surrounding it as seen above showcased a plethora of creative energies enhanced by the movement of all manner of shadows, reflections, and movement of light, and experiencing this while catching glimpses of artwork through the various window panes and open building spaces was really quite exciting.  There was absolutely no doubt in my mind that I needed to know what exactly was all about, so that is just what I set out to do.

Now for someone like me, when I read a descriptor like this it just makes my day.  There is so much in this concept that I really cannot wait to dive in.  In my younger days I used to love off the beaten path comics.  Add to that my philosophical, environmental, and historical underpinnings and let the land fall begin.  I mean seriously, who is the creator of all this mixing all those concepts with a SciFi theme rounding out so many of my favorite things of all that used to occupy so much of my leisure and intellectual time?

And that good ladies and gentlemen of The Uplift, is a wrap.  If I wasn’t already sold before, I certainly am now.  Japan, permaculture, NLP, Peruvian mindfulness travels, and recovering Libertarian and Singalaritarian — like seriously, has someone amped up the coincidence meter on the simulator of life we are all plugged into, case there ain’t no way this can all be real.  So ya, that is where Round About Impressions of The Uplift World will close out for today, but to all you out there reading this and fans of all both in metaverse and beyond we do, keep and eye out cause KMO joining us over on The UpLifters Network for an episode or two seems like the next most logical of steps that needs to be a thing.

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*Article and images by Jimmy D except the first and last in world images provided by Caue Motta.

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