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March 5, 2022

When you first got introduced to The Uplift World, were these the first thoughts that crossed your mind? “I’ve played on many other Minecraft servers where I had more access to mods, the latest versions of Minecraft (among other things) and had to spend nothing apart from acquiring the game itself, so… why then take part in The Uplift World and not just stick with regular old vanilla Minecraft on any of the various servers that are already out there and established?

The people who envisioned The Uplift World have been playing Minecraft for a very long time and used to run the server for fun to play with their fellow Minecrafters, so they have asked themselves all of these questions and more before deciding to go ahead with launching The Uplift World metaverse those involved have come to know today. 

I’m Caue Motta, also known as The Uplift Jedi, and I’m here today to address these and a few other questions along these lines, but let me start by saying this: I don’t believe The Uplift World is for everyone. There are many reasons why one would choose a more ‘traditional’ Minecraft server over our blockchain infused metaverse, so regardless of my personal thoughts I am about to lay out, it is strongly recommended that you do your own research and really think long and hard about whether it is worth your time and money to get involved in what exactly it is that The Uplift World is trying to achieve in the first place.

With that out of the way, I’ll try to explain the reasons behind why The Uplift World is so very well worth the time and energy for me and why I think it might  be for you too. 

There are of course some key differences between what we have going on here and your typical Minecraft server, so let’s go over the most popular terms this project involves to avoid the common misconception that ‘it’s all about the hype’. The Uplift World was here long before the current mainstream metaverse craze and we are aiming way past that anyway.

The Cathedral in Old World

The Blockchain and NFTs

Having only existed for about 15 years now and just beginning to gain some semblance of mainstream traction only very recently, the blockchain is easily one of the most controversial topics out there in modern times. People oftentimes either love  or hate the idea of it which in a way I think is quite  unfortunate. Like anything however, it is essential for us to  weigh in as objectively as possible the pros and cons before making any final informed rational judgment on the matter. Doing that inevitably allows us to see that the tech is neither perfect, nor should it be avoided at all costs. Understanding where you stand in all that goes a long way.

Being a fairly new technology, the blockchain is in constant development and evolving daily, so there are many things to consider when praising or criticizing it. The first thing that comes to mind for me are the many different chains out there with a vast range of features and focuses. This presents an immediate need to know what chain is being used for this project and differences that set that blockchain apart from others in order to get to a point of understanding for any kind of deeper analysis. For the sake of keeping this article short, I’ll recommend you do your own research about all the differences. Especially on WAX, which is the main chain The Uplift World presently uses as its blockchain layer. Regardless, one common point of ground understood by many to be a benefit of all blockchains that are worth their weight is in truth their decentralized nature allowing for global and immediate verifiable transparency, assets and in the case of The Uplift World, true unequivocal ownership of NFTs (non-fungible tokens), which are an integral part of how the mechanics for how in-metaverse development rights are structured.

In other words, we can understand the most important aspect for many in the blockchain space resonates with the fact that whatever is held in your wallet and controlled by your private keys remains in your complete control at all times unlike say the assets held with a company or trust that could potentially restrict or strip you of those assets at any given time.  These assets can be seen by anyone anywhere with the use of a blockchain ledger and proven ownership which does not require a traditional verification process managed by any one company or individual. The idea is that everything in the blockchain is immutable public information and that makes it a very safe and trustworthy way to keep record of digital assets and secure transactions and the reason we use this technology in a project like The Uplift World is mainly to provide fairness and transparency to everyone involved. 

How this affects the structure of The Uplift World is not only simple, but actually quite fascinating.  Not only does blockchain technology provide fairness and transparency when it comes to everyone involved by allowing members of the metaverse to self manage their right to develop certain areas within without the fear of others coming in and destroying it, but it also allows more sophisticated decentralized economy of sorts to take place regulated by members themselves, which absolutely no other technology can currently reliably provide. 

The Metaverse

Everyone’s talking about the metaverse… but really, what is it though? 

Well, I am pretty sure it would be a challenge to even find a specific definition at this point in time for what a metaverse is or is not, but from what I can gather the term was first  mentioned by sci-fi writer Neal Stephenson in Snow Crash back all the way back in  1992 and has taken on multiple forms in various peoples eyes ever since.. 

So, is it a 3D space that exists in the digital realm? Is it anything or anywhere digital that feels like it has enough depth to make you feel like it’s a real place? Is it the Internet 2.0 or globalization digitized on steroids?  Regardless of how you word it, it seems more than clear that the foundation for defining it revolves around some part of interactive alternate reality for all to partake in and enjoy. It is in a very real sense a place that doesn’t exist in the natural world,  yet it allows you to feel immersed enough to provide real memories of place, being, and experience. Somewhere you can make real connections, build real things you can see and even feel, and of course trade goods and services as you would in “real life” with others that are a part of a shared existence.  I’m sure depending upon who you ask, the metaverse could be extended to so much more and its scope could have almost infinite value.

Interestingly enough, Minecraft on its own actually allows for pretty much all of the above, which is actually why it presented itself as such an incredible platform for a metaverse to be built on. Arguably the best one at this time and age due to its incredible reach in modern culture, easy accessibility and openness to third party developed enhancements (Java Edition only). 

So, noting that, are all Minecraft servers out there metaverses? Well, technically you could argue they are, but the lines start to blur a bit when we look at all the different approaches taken by those running each server and the vision behind them, since most are gaming focused exclusively.

The Vision

The Uplift World is a specific enough metaverse, but it welcomes all like-minded individuals! It was built from the ground up with gratitude in mind and therefore, the idea is to allow for a safe and sustainable environment where all can thrive. Anyone can get a place somewhere in one of the many available regions and build a digital life that will feel like home online. It’s about having complete life-like social, financial, professional and entertainment experiences in a different realm, at least to the best of our abilities and within the constraints of current technology.

It’s about building your dream ranch in a quiet corner of an immense metaverse, hanging your own family photos on the wall, planting your own food, running a shop to sell goods you crafted yourself, and reinvesting your gains on a neighboring plot for your children to play on when you have them. It’s about them walking into your metaverse house and seeing those same pictures in 10 years time. Not your cup of tea? Well maybe it’s about having god-like powers and living a dream life, where you build greater-than-life surreal structures that also double as an art gallery to expose the art you have produced in ‘real life’ and changing the whole thing every month forever to show the world what you’re capable of! Still unconvinced?  How about simply building something amazing somewhere everyone can see and interact with and then selling it to someone who will value it because once they buy it, it will be truly theirs.That’s the vision. All of that among an incredible like-minded community that will grow old together. That’s the difference between this project’s metaverse vision and a gaming exclusive server.

In pondering all this through, you may actually question how is it guaranteed to be forever, and for that we could not blame you? The simple answer is because the development rights on plots in The Uplift World are  verified by the existence of  NFT that you hold the keys to, that small piece of the metaverse is eternalized in the blockchain as much more than a simple memory in a game. You see how it all comes full circle?

In fact, one one of the most brilliant things about this concept of development rights in our Minecraft metaverse realm is that ownership of the NFT could be extended to other versions of what has been built evolving to incorporate future technology. 

Caue’s CK Ranch & Aquarium in the Southeast Quadrant at 4550, 4550

The Community

Now onto what I believe is one of the most important aspects that differentiate The Uplift World from other projects in the space: The Community. 

Having only been around for a little over a year now with pretty much the same core team that brought the project to market, it is likely safe to assume that the days of being in infancy as a metaverse are no more. In terms of community also, it means we have a large group of active people who have been living this metaverse life (or at least helping us develop it) for quite some time as well. Granted, we’re still in the development phase and have not even officially launched yet, but so many have already put so much effort in to support us in our quest. Our community has developed organically over the past year and regularly spends time together. Be it in our Discord server or in-game running events, helping each other or just hanging out, the most important thing to note is that we have several actual human beings behind everything being developed in the metaverse and that was the goal all along. This is what gives this project its prospect of longevity and will always guarantee its success.In fact because of that and with all of the above in mind, we are in the process of converting the ownership of this project into a DAO.

Old World Spawn


A what now? Well, a Decentralized Autonomous Organization is essentially a company set up by a set of rules registered on the blockchain and only mutable through the use of open transparent on-chain voting by those who hold governance tokens of the project. These tokens are often distributed through the means of a token or investor sale and to those that would like to take part in the governance of the project as well as being distributed as payment for those helping to build the project, but this doesn’t always have to be the case.  In the case of The Uplift World in fact, our transition to a DAO is our way of giving the community both a more direct say in how certain things will be structured in the future, as well as some of the reward that will accompany any future success the project sees. Not having a token sale and opting instead to distribute 25% of the tokens to those who hold land and rail based NFT’s and are actively engaged in utilizing Upliftium (our in-game economic token for services provided by the team), seemed a much more fair way to give back to those that have helped make The Uplift World what it is today. As for the rest of the tokens, those will be split amongst the team for continued development (25%) and certain strategic investors which include the project founder, members of the team, and partnership companies who have funded the next phase of the project  As these DAO tokens are also registered on the blockchain, ownership is transparent and transferable at any time based solely on the decision of their current holders. By having the people who care the most about the project holding the tokens and voting on-chain on certain aspects for the direction the project will take in the future, whether it be those that have invested into small portions of the world through NFT’s or large swaths of time and money into the development and organization of getting the project off the ground and maintaining operations, this structure promises a more unified direction for everyone who chooses to be involved in select governance aspects laid out in the foundational code that will define the rules and structures for the project going forward.  

Through the DAO and new governance model incorporating a combination of community, developer and investor feedback and support, it is my feeling that The Uplift World will only get better with time regardless of any short term hurdles each and every project out there in this new and exciting space will surely encounter. This new transparent DAO governance model can only exist with the decentralized nature that blockchain technology provides and the diverse range of engaged people voting to shape its future is not only exciting, but game changing in the way in which we define ourselves in our making.  

Final Thoughts To Ponder

It is my hope that following along the above was of some help to clarify what it is that The Uplift World is truly all about, at least according to my perspective. As for anyone that still might have concerns about the logic of having to pay money to play Minecraft when it can be played in plenty of other places for free, I urge you to join our Discord and chat with our community. Hopefully you can see that The Uplift World is so much more than simply another Minecraft server by simply reading this article.

Although there may be exceptions to the rule, how many other servers out there ensure your development rights of plots in-world through the use of NFT’s, while at the same time funding all the hosting and development costs of the metaverse mechanics The Uplift is working towards? Never mind putting in place P2E (Play to Earn) mechanics for those involved, as well as providing services of professional caliber for anyone to use, no matter their level of Minecraft knowledge. This is all part of what allows them to build out that dream plot they have always yearned to bring about as a home away from home. 

Anyway, that is my two blocks on the matter, at least for now. Should you have any further questions or be in need of any assistance, please do feel more than free to reach out to the team or community in any of our official channels below! Do also be sure to check out some of the most amazing Minecraft builds, galleries and events the metaverse ever witnessed by jumping on over to and seeing in all its amazement just what The Uplift World has to offer! =)


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*Article written by Caue Motta with editing and publishing by Jimmy D

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