How to DAO (Vol. 3)

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November 7, 2022

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As many know, one of the largest transitions to date encompassed within the history of The Uplift World has been the transition to a full fledged DAO.  Since inception the DAO has been killing it crafting, voting, and implementing of proposals that have shaped the course of our metaverse in numerous extremely valuable ways.  Like the movements of the sea up onto the sands of the shore, the business of blockchain and especially the aspect of governance comes in waves charting the corse of everything that is linked within the reach of the present.  In actuality the DAO is one of the most dynamic stabilizing features that a community could ever possibly wish to aspire to, and in the case of The Uplift DAO, it has created vision and unity responsible for much of the course and direction of the present navigation at play.  Here then are a few proposals that will help to further chart a path towards an end to which each and every community member has a say.

FINAL- Rewards Committee Restructuring


This proposal would end any current rewards committee appointments. It will then recognise ModdedOutlaw and Corey Cottrel as co-chairs of the committee. Together they can appoint and remove committee members.

The rewards committee mandate remains unchanged but it is made clear here they have to bring up new rewards structure, take ideas of the DAO members and try to implement them (if technically possible), then show and explain those new ideas to the DAO.
The final reward structure will be voted on from all DAO members.

If the committee and DAO dont come to a conclusion the old system can be implemented again after a vote with small changes regarding rewards cycle, multiplier, burn points. The committee can bring up ideas on the split between MT and MC rewards, and how that is implemented.

The bursary for Co-chairs will be 1500 UDT and 250 shards per month split 50-50 unless they request differently.


This will be single choice voting. This is a pre-proposal and will graduate to a final proposal when it has received at least 12M votes.


  • Accept the co-chairs and their new tasks.
  • Accept the co-chairs but not their tasks (a new vote for other tasks will be necessary)
  • Do not accept co-chairs
  • Abstain?

Cast your vote:

FINAL- Minetest Direction Confirmation


Minetest development has been going smoothly as per the vote

We have a test server running. We can also confirm we will be able to import builds, as well as some chest contents (pending a future vote) when we copy worlds from MC to MT. The fidelity will not be perfect but this does give us what we need!

This proposal is to confirm that we are focused on Minetest development and to outline the next steps. Minetest is powerfully enabling for The Uplift and there is a ton to do to make it our own experience and not ‘just’ a clone of the current MC experience.

For this reason as well as difficulties on piecemeal-import of MC worlds, The plan is to launch a brand new world first, with new NFT keys (same size as the recent Etheria and Degen-1 worlds, at least for the area covered by plots). There will be a similar world launched in MC to maintain the ‘one key multiple platforms’ approach (but not launched until the MC worlds are imported). Ghobson will have final say on any decisions involving this world (though a full DAO vote can override him).

For these keys we will not have a WAX sale. Instead we want to make sure those who are active in the DAO/worlds get a free plot, with additional plots likely made available through blends. The mechanism for determining how to do this distribution will be in an upcoming vote.

After this launch is successful we will organize the import of all current MC worlds at the same time into MT. A vote on these specifics will occur before the import.

None of these plans involve closing MC servers, Minetest is becoming an additional platform for the uplift and we will only close down MC servers if forced to by future events, not by choice. “MC servers will continue to be maintained throughout this period to ensure they are still playable, and Uplift services will continue to be provided.”


This will be single choice voting. This is a pre-proposal and will graduate to a final proposal when it has received at least 12M votes.


  • Accept this direction
  • Do not accept this direction
  • Abstain

Cast your vote:

FINAL: Additional NFT for Burning Land Keys


Add one additional NFT (Land Seal) to every “Burn Land Key for shards” blend. The NFT will represent a token of the world the key you have burned belongs to.


Currently, it does not matter which land key you burn for shards. It would be nice to add more meaning to the action of burning a key to a particular world.

This can be represented by a world seal NFT, the round token with the world logo that is prominent on every Land Pack already.

At this stage, these NFTs would just be a nice, emotional reminder with no inherent use.

But they would have much potential to make them a valuable, scarce, and meaningful resource in the future by e.g. adding seals of particular worlds as an ingredient for particular blends. Or make them an ingredient for land upgrades, should we introduce them at some point.

Since there will be not many of them, the resource would be scarce and can add additional value and fun for players. In addition, it would add a strategic element that could be even used to incentivize the burning of certain keys.


a) Add the new NFTs to the current and upcoming “Land Keys for shards” blend recipes.

b) Add the new NFTs to the current and upcoming “Land Keys for shards” blend recipes. + Drop the respective Seal NFTs to people who have burned land for shards in the past, too.

c) Do noting. Issue no additional NFT

How – Rollout in case of result:

a) We will add the respective NFT to every Land Key blend for shards.

b) We will add the respective NFT to every Land Key blend for shards.
In addition, we will drop the respective number of world seal NFTs to any wallet that has burned land for shards in the past by locking up the transactions. We will do this soon as we have Uplift core team, or DAO resources and backlog priority to do so.

c) Nothing will change.


This will be weighted voting. This is FINAL proposal

Cast your vote:

FINAL: The Name of the First Minetest World


The new world needs a name so we can proceed with the rollout. This is also the “why” 😉


We combined the list of names from the team brainstorming and the suggestion DAO members made in the DAO channel after having a look. Now everyone can help to decide what it should be by placing a vote.


If does not offer enough options to vote on, we will reduce the names we think are the “weakest” from the team brainstorming, to make sure the suggestions make it into the list.

  • Prime
  • Asteria
  • Upliftia
  • Planet Novo
  • New Frontier
  • New Skiez
  • Strateria
  • Nexia
  • Planet Blue
  • Uppedland
  • Crafty Mines
  • Mineria
  • Big Mine
  • Quarria
  • One
  • Farmlift
  • Farmland
  • Petminton
  • Enchantia
  • Advancia
  • The Booniez
  • First One
  • World One
  • Chimera
  • New Canada
  • Primordium
  • Primitive World
  • Planet of the Apes
  • Melonworld
  • Evolution


This will be weighted voting. This is a FINAL proposal

Cast your vote:

Final-Proposal: Remove All Unclaimed Upliftium from Accounts with Deactivated Miners

Remove UNCLAIMED UPLIFTIUM from accounts that have DEACTIVATED MINERS. All uplftium will be burned.

There is currently about 2.7 Billion claimable upliftium. In the past couple months, miner deactivation caused the claimable amount of upliftium to stop a steady increase that has been going on since Uplift began issuing miners. The peak was around 3.1 Billion claimable. Miner deactivation solved a big problem by stopping accumulation of unclaimed upliftium in dead accounts. The amount has flatlined around 2.7 billion. The intent of this proposal is to zero the remaining unclaimed amount in these inactive accounts.

  • Yes, burn after 30 days
  • Yes, burn after 60 days
  • Yes, burn after 90 days
  • No, leave them alone

Cast your vote:

The Uplift World DAO

As can be clearly seen above, the Uplift DAO remains a key element in shaping or present course.  Since inception in fact, a great number of changes have been implemented into the protocol of this little metaverse we call home all brought about by a call to action and the votes which followed helping to keep the spirit of the community alive and the drive forward transparent and clear for all to follow.  For the complete overview of all that has been put in motion, make sure to check out the  The Uplift DAO site and get a feel for the history of this project.  And for those of you that wish to add a helping hand to proposals in the works, or for those wishing to try your hand at drawing up your very own Uplift DAO proposal, be sure to head on over to The Uplift World official Discord server and touch base with all those working tirelessly in the #DAO-Disscussion channel.  If you are new to this whole affair, no worries.  Get the low down on some do’s, don’ts, and the structures that tend to make things the most efficient in our first ever How to DAO (Vol. 1) feature found right here in The Uplifter.

As for those that have been working alongside those out there putting all the ideas to the test through workshopping, crafting, and voting, we really do appreciate all the effort from everyone involved.  It is exciting to witness the DAO in full effect primarily because of all those who put their heart and soul in all that is being built as we forge forth into this new frontier of decentralization at one with each other.

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*Article transcribed from The DAO proposals on by Jimmy D

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