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November 25, 2021

Upliftium is an in-game token used for transactional purposes inside the The Uplift World Metaverse.   There are a variety of reasons to want to and ways in which to obtain Upliftium.  These will depend upon your personalized game plan for interaction with the metaverse and the market, so please understand that this piece is for informational use only.  Just as in the metaverse, there are plenty of potential ways to orient yourself.  The following is merely an overview of available options when it comes to Upliftium.  Please do your own research and understand what you are doing completely before diving into any or all of these options.

 Obtaining Upliftium

  • Upliftium can be mined through staking of various Uplift and partnership NFT’s over on the official portal.
  • Upliftium is sent out once weekly during ongoing rewards seasons for both metaverse players and land/rail owners inside and will show up directly in your on-site balance.
  • Upliftium can be collected as the reward for the storefront or shop you have set up to disperse certain materials or goods on a plot of land or rail that you own inside any of the survival Uplift World metaverse servers.
  • Upliftium can be obtained on the secondary market and transferred into your account via simplified NFT melting mechanics.

Mining Upliftium

The best passive way to ensure a constant flow of Upliftium into your Uplift World account is by mining Upliftium.  This is done via the use of various NFT’s that can be staked to your registered account through the Enter.theUplift.World portal.

Some examples of NFTs that generate Upliftium for you on an hourly basis are “Miner” NFTs, Uplift Land and Rail Keys, and specialized partnership NFT’s such as the Yoshicoin. You can recognize a miner by a battery icon on its front or by the “charge” attribute in the NFT details. The “charge” attribute can have different kinds of charges that are indicating the “drip pool size” the miner has and depends on how many NFTs the pool is split between and is in a constant state of flux or variation.

Mining pools determine how much Upliftium is generated on an hourly basis by a given NFT. The size of the drip pool determines how much Upliftium is generated on a weekly basis. The hourly Upliftium returns are divided between all NFTs / miners that tap into this particular pool. This means a small pool can potentially generate a higher hourly Upliftium output per NFT than a much larger pool, if far fewer NFTs are tapping into the small pool. This means players can be strategic to maximize their outcome by looking at the pool size, but also at the number of NFTs that share the same drip pool. Players can easily look up all relevant information about the available Upliftium Drip Pools by visiting:

All relevant information concerning mining can be found at Enter.theUplift.World/Upliftium. Please keep in mind that only those with registered accounts at Enter.theUplift.World can earn rewards from the battery powered NFT’s.  For more details on how to begin the registration and verification process if you are new, please check in at Enter.theUplift.World at your convenience.

Upliftium Player and Land/Rail Owner Rewards

In The Uplift World Metaverse people are rewarded simply by taking part. . The goal is to make it so that the more you contribute to the ecosystem, the more you have the potential to earn, be it being rewarded in Upliftium (our in-game currency) or even cryptocurrencies like WAX directly – all dependent on reward types and conditions of course – but still, not too many other projects can profess to this model of rewarding those who participate with their attention in their ecosystem.

In order to calculate these rewards, a series of semi secret data points will be tracked over the course of a 6 week season and rewards released directly to your attached Enter.theUplift.World WAX account on a weekly basis.  Please note that rewards from season to season are subject to change, however the overall mechanics for calculation of these remain the same.  Although initially we told people what actions were being rewarded, in an effort to add greater value to all those head down doing a number of things in world, the specifics of what actions are being calculated from a player point of view are not available to the public.  The simple answer as to why is that we want as much as possible to limit the ability for people to utilize the world to game the system and simply draw rewards thereby taking a proportion of rewards away from those actually engaged with the world for the right reasons.

On the other side of the coin are the land and rail owners, which also receive rewards that go out on a weekly basis.  This means that if you are a land or rail owner that is incentivizing people onto your plot with cool gamification or sightseeing options, you will be receiving some kickback rewards in Upliftium and WAX as well.

In terms of how these rewards are distributed, well, this also depends upon the number of active players on any given week and the number of tasks that are being tracked.  It is important to understand that due to the pooled tracking system we have in place, that even a carbon copy of actions in the metaverse are likely not to earn you the same amount in Upliftium and other token rewards each and every week.  This was the intent by design and will help to streamline actual users into being accustomed to the understanding that rewards are best maximized by actually taking part in multiple ways actively in the metaverse.

On a final note, at present the rewards come out of two pools, one WAX and the other Upliftium.  From the WAX pool the reward distribution is 80% to the players and 20% to the landowners.  For the Upliftium pool however, the percentages are flipped, meaning 80% to the landowners and 20% to the players.  In terms of what actions grant rewards, well all we can really say is that although the options are quite vast, each specified category does come with a cap, thus enabling us to keep it as fair as possible for everyone who is engaging in the metaverse for reasons beyond just trying to drain maximum rewards.

Upliftium Shops

One of the more recent implementations into The Uplift World is that of storefronts or shops allowing for the buying and selling of items in world. For those who have collected a lot of resources or have something others might be in need of, a shop is a great way to get some extra Upliftium. Provided you have the Upliftium in your on-site balance, shops are incredibly easy to set up.  In world you can type /shop to see the commands, but the basics are outlined in the announcement poster below.

Some further things worth noting when it comes to shops

  • a chest can be emptied and replaced with different items for no extra fee
  • changing the price of a chest costs 10K Upliftium, the same as creating a new one
  • the size of a chest can be changed later by adding a 2nd chest beside it or breaking the 2nd chest of a double wide chest
  • be sure the chest is empty if they want to destroy it, or items inside will be lost for good

Upliftium on Alcor Decentralized Exchange

One other important aspect of Upliftium is the Crystalization and Melting of Upliftium NFTs.  Again done as a lightning fast semi-automated over on the Enter.theUplift.World/Upliftium page, Upliftium account balances can be crystalized into 1 million Upliftium NFT denominations offering a whole range of possibilities for continuing to build your Upliftium arsenal and empire!

Upliftium as an in-metaverse token resides entirely in your account balance visible on the Enter.theUplift.World Upliftium site.  Although we will go into detail a little more later on, for this Upliftium to be used for certain actions such as picture or portal instals, the balance on site must be present to deduct the fee to undertake such services.  Understanding that many communities may have multiple members that wish to contribute to some of these services, The Uplift World needed a way to enable transfers in a fast, efficient, and non labor intensive way.  The creation of Crytstalized Upliftium NFT’s provided the perfect solution to this.

crystallized upliftium

It works like this.  By sending 1 million denominations of Upliftium through the simple click of a button on our official Enter.theUplift.World Upliftium page, an almost instantaneous transaction takes that Upliftium from the balance of your account and provides an NFT in it’s place directly within your attached WAX wallet account.  Now, just like any other NFT, you as the owner have control to transfer this onwards.  For those that receive these NFT’s, the opposite option exists to be able to Melt these back into your on-site Upliftium balance enabling you to pay for select services within the metaverse.

Now although the creation of $LIFTIUM as a token was not initiated by the The Uplift World team, the team over at CAIT has put a whole new world of possibilities into action by enabling a smart contract that allows anyone with Upliftium NFT’s in their possession to convert them into $LIFTIUM tokens. The process itself is relatively seamless and works both ways, from Crystalized Upliftium NFT’s to $LIFTIUM, and from $LIFTIUM to Crystalized Upliftium NFT’s. $Liftium itself as an actual token can be obtained over on Alcor Decentralized Exchange.  Here is an overview on the process of withdrawing $LIFTIUM from Alcor back to your onsite Upliftium balance to be utilized for in-metaverse services detailed further below.

In order to move $LIFTIUM all the way to your ledger and use it for Upliftium services, you would need to do a few things:

  1. Have at least 1 million $LIFTIUM in your wallet (more denominations of Upliftium NFTs may exist in the future, but that’s all that’s available for now).
  2. Send increments of 1 million (2,3,4 should work fine as well) $LIFTIUM to the following wallet address: tokenizednft.
  3. You should then automatically receive a 1 million Upliftium NFT in the wax wallet you have made the transfer from (as many as necessary, reflecting the amount you decided to send).
  4. Go to and select the option to “Melt” your Upliftium NFT and finish the process.
  5. You should now have the balance of Upliftium showing in your account.

Please bear in mind that each process might take a few minutes to finalize. Also, please note that this process involves steps which have not been developed by a third party beyond the Uplift World team, which means that should you have any issues with the tokenizednft smart contract that multiple tokens including $LIFTIUM, reaching out to the CAIT team directly is necessary for questions and issues.

Finally, for those wishing to go the opposite direction of that outlined above, simply utilize your faculties of inverse logic and you should be able to wrap your mind around how to convert a 1 million Upliftium NFT to $LIFTIUM easily enough.

Utilizing Upliftium

  • Upliftium can be used for picture or portal installs on plots of land or rail that you own in The Uplift World metaverse, as well as other official services provided by The Uplift World team.
  • Upliftium can be used in metaverse at various shops and stalls to stock up on goods you may desire in game.
  • Upliftium can be used to provide liquidity to the markets

Official Upliftium Services Requisition

There are a number of services provided by The Uplift World team for which Upliftium is the fee.  These include picture and portal installations, as well as screenshot sessions of your builds.  In order to request these services please refer to the official Upliftium Services Requisition documentation and form.

Uplift World Shops

Of course it should come as no surprise that you can use Upliftium in various shop locations around the metaverse.  Different shops (chests) will offer different goods at different price points.  As part of the in-metaverse free market economy The Uplift World team does not control the amount of goods on the market nor the prices.  Presently the best place to find shops is via word of mouth in our official Discord server, and in particular in the Uplift-Bazaar channel.  That said be on the look out for some official posts detailing some of these, and potentially some additional channels to streamline things a little better in the future.

An Important Aside Regarding The Uplift World Team and It’s Members

It is important to note that we believe full heartedly in the free market economy that exists within the Uplift World.  Although our Upliftium Service provision costs are non-negotiable, please note that this applies equally to the team and it’s members as it does to the average Upliftian citizen.  It is very important to us that we participate in the economy just as everyone else.  Any picture installs, portals, or shops that you may come across on official Uplift World land or the private land of any of the team members were paid for in full upon requisition of them being enabled.

Liquidity Provision

BluDAC offers those who wish to do something a little more DeFi orientated the option to utilize Upliftium in the form of $LIFTIUM to gain rewards in BLU by providing liquidity for the BLU/LIFTIUM pair.  Simply head on over to Alcor, open a liquidity position of BLU/LIFTIUM, and then take that BLULIFT LP token over to BluDAC and stake it for further BLU rewards.

Of course you could also stake LIFTIUM to plenty of other pairs on Alcor such as WAX or CAIT, but at the time of writing the LP for these cannot be utilized on BluDAC or any other platform for additional rewards.  That is not to say that by the time you read things have not changed, because they very well might, but for now that is what is known.

Also please bear in mind that there are risks in DeFi, whatever the platform may be.  It is necessary that you do you own diligence and understand all risk with this before proceeding.  It is true that it is good for the ecosystem and sometimes the individual, but going in without understanding risk such as impermanent loss or rapid price flux could impact you negatively as well as positively.  In addition, the promise of DeFi truly does play by free market mechanics so as an individual you really do need to be aware that these services are provided by parties beyond the scope to the Uplift World project and any issues that may arise need to be reconciled without the assistance or aid of our team.  3rd party means not our party to use pull or maintain, so please do understand the risk before diving in.

*Image art created by mBlu as part of the ‘I’m Not the Bubble’ NFT music video series by Uplift.Art

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*This article was compiled by Jimmy D with an assist from Caue Motta for the steps to move $LIFTIUM through the ecosystem

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