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November 20, 2021

“Welcome to another episode of The Maple Glazed Jerky Chronicles” is pretty much how we begin every show, a weekly episode on theUpLifers network dedicated to everything and nothing at the same time.  It all began a while ago, and actually spawned out of a first meeting over a Journeys Through the Uplift World Communities episode with now regulars The Nasty Hooks and Jimmy D.  So what then is The Maple Glazed Jerky Chronicles, and more importantly why are we plugging it in this episode of #Shameless_Plug_of_Uplifting_Proportions?

Back in the early days long before the first ever Uplift Estate Sale, Gratitude was an early survival server populated entirely by community centralized plot builds such as The Any0 Water Pyramid, the ArtVndngMchn Amusement Park and Gallery, The Grim Folks Haunted Castle Estate, and Bitcoin Babes Village and HQ. The Nasty Hooks recognizing the value of being early into the metaverse space were actually granted access to Eastern half a swamp infested community plot at 3600, 4600, one they quickly went to work on terra forming through the mining of resources down in the depths of their humble one room apartment hut at the base of a giant wall of lava which helped ease at least a bit of pain from those vicious Gratitude mobs at night.

In all honesty, being in survival was no easy task but The Nasty Hooks really did rock it out, especially being quite new to the Minecraft space and the learning curve it entails.  They were on a mission to create the best dam home base for The Nasty Hooks brand within the metaverse they possibly could.  Check out this Journeys episode for more on the backstory on how they came in ready, willing, and able to put in the grunt work of early days.

Now bear in mind that as it turned out, The Nasty Hooks just so happened to stumble upon a community plot for sale on the secondary at an incredibly good value.  By that time The Maple Glazed Jerky Chronicles was already a few episodes underway, as was the ad hoc building style the plot had morphed into.  With the acquisition of this larger 250×250 adjacent plot, The Nasty Hooks made the call to turn over the original half community plot gifted to them in the early days over to The Maple Glazed Jerky Chronicles cause.  For there was already a pretty good foundation and some interesting builds, part of which came out of the early days of the show for TNH, Jimmy D, and the growing list of community builders to take and run with.

A gratitude wall spawned from on of the first ever Maple Glazed Jerky Chronicle shows, possibly before the show or the plot that came along with it ever even got a name…
One of the earlier episodes of the show was dedicated entirely around digging out this room which was later to become a giant rainbow colored glass maze…
Thus far the high point of that unfinished grand plan is an overtly intense storage area design and a giant room housing a nether portal
Of course we also had to experiment with growing underground trees. If you don’t know, Jimmy has a thing for trees…
Beyond the Nether portal room is where things really start to get interesting. That is the true maze that will really get you lost. Riddled with an insane amount of peril, its somewhere not for the faint of heart.
Deep, deep, deep, within the depths there lies a cavernous ravine. One ladder in and out, and that is pretty much as far as we got…
The caverns were fun, but the next week we wanted a little more sun. Jimmy showed up with bag of trees and some bonemeal. That show was dedicated to vegetating the whole area (which we complain about every time we cannot find The Drizzle’s ad hoc stairway) and marked the beginning of the Loft
The idea was to create a tree house Loft that future events got hosted at. The first level was pretty modest compared to what came in the later stages.
The massive trees were lined with a single ladder reaching up into the sky
Platform upon platform upon platform…
At times connecting, and at others completely independent of one another. In a way very retrospective of this whole journey Birdbones, The Drizzle, and Jimmy D had embarked upon with this new show focused on their now Monday evening Tuesday morning plot
For this ain’t no small climb. It takes almost as much dedication to get to the top as it did to unleash the power of tree upon tree. And don’t forget to take in the view – for there are many to be had well worth a look from both above…
… and below.
All the way to the top of the server where an empty glass pool and modest sky loft shelter form the elements awaits
One in fact that wouldn’t be complete without the chicken friends at the top. Some fun times in the backlog’s of the show pondering the appropriateness of how these chickens may or may not have been treated… ahem.  We love you MortonMattD, almost as much as those chickens it seems.
And of course way up there from that astonishing height, what would ever be better than a ‘Leap of Faith’ to test real Gratitude’s fight or flight..
With views to astonish and literally amaze…
… wondering what comes while staring that pending doom straight in the face!
And back down there on the base of The Maple Glazed Jerky Chronicles loft lies the swamp side pool.  Great spot to take a deep dive, toss in a fishing line in the rain to see what treasures in you can reign.
Now with a water elevator straight to the top and a block of jelly to aim for while jumping from the top, things are getting real over here on a fun factor you wouldn’t believe. Oh, and thinking the water elevator or the slime block make things easier, well they don’t. The die rate may even be higher with all the throw logic out the window for fun survival conundrum.
And despite being in the midst of a survivalists swamp, The Maple Glazed Jerky Chronicles do know what makes a home a home, for a place to store the fishing rods and catch right and a covered dock to keep the rain at bay, well, that is something that really only the most detailed of plot planners would adapt whatever this was into.
But this… Yes, you are seeing this right.  Right there after a hard days work waiting for you to take an evening dip, that’s exactly right… it’s a lava filled glass bottomed hot tub ready, willing, and able to question everything you thought was right with life.
And just adjacent to that lies a hollowed hill that was to be an indoor mushroom plantation, however that did not work itself out nearly as well as the indoor tree farm above. Still though, a nice place to go mob hunting in the day should you need some string or other slain mob drop’th’ings
That said, should you happen to be around at night, the aggressiveness of the mobs in Gratitude are notorious. Although torches do offer at least a little respite from the mob madness each and every night, some armor and weaponry will make your Maple Glazed stay so much more of a mob slaughter delight.

And seriously, if you are planning to drop in and play, do hop into bed with ‘The Drizzle’ in the little hut by the lava fall at least for the night, because just about everything on this plot will kill you.  It’s all fun and games till someone dies, unless of course you come in full well knowing you’ll likely at some point meet your end trying to boat down a lava fall, jump onto a single block of jelly from an extremely high place, find your way out of an underground water maze, or any other number of things beyond the mobs in the depths or the night that are already waiting to kill you.

As for what is next on the playbill, well it really will depend upon who and what day you ask.  For sure The Nasty Hooks will continue doing their thing when it comes to their NFT line and Live Discord and Shippletopia Rave Cave shows, as will Jimmy D with his role at the Uplift and other projects in the space, but beyond that the sky is truly the limit – well at least as high as the server will let us go.  That said, we do have a few ideas beyond the above that we plan on carrying through.  In no particular order, then here goes…

  • continue hosting live topical shows while building and streaming The Maple Glazed Jerky Chronicles
  • continue whitelisting those that come hang out with us and dive into the collective nature this plot and the atmosphere of the show
  • continue working towards slowly building the many ideas already started, previously thought out but not yet put into motion, as well as coming up with more killer ones on the spot for this most amazing of community plots
  • continue pondering the existence of the full fledged ‘Loft’, one that will hopefully be used for live events of a very different metaversal kind
  • continue slaying mobs, the insane ideas abound in the world of which we are apart, and those that take the plunge to become part of our communal building crew
  • continue putting into motion an insanely complex private route connecting the south of Genesis in a collaborative route not yet seen in any of the Uplift World sectors to date
  • continue to push boundaries in everything we do, say, or play, cause honestly, when it comes to life that really is the only way…

If any of these sound good to you, come join us in world, on the stream, or for the very bold both, as no matter even if you’ve heard otherwise, The Maple Glazed Jerky Chronicles is where it’s at!

It has become our mission as of recent to showcase as much as we possibly can in a variety of ways to get those awesome creations, builz, and building skillz out there as best we can.  #Shameless_Plug_of_Uplifting_Proportions is a series intended for those great individual and team builders to display their amazing Uplift World Metaverse builds to the broader community.  The locations and images in the above post have been provided by the builders themselves, and are intended as a mere synapsis of what grandness awaits within the metaverse on any and all of these amazingly detailed builds.  For the complete experience of what these builds represent and the awe inspiring value they hold, please do head on into the metaverse at the coordinates above and check out all there is to behold, and of course collect your share of those infamous play to earn rewards you have surely begun to hear so much about. 
As for your personal builds, we are always open to submissions in various forms to showcase all those unique and amazing things being done of within your personalized regions of our shared metaversal existence.  For more on this, please be sure to check out The Path to Featured Buildz & Events Inside Your Uplift World to get in touch with all the dynamic possibilities for you to display and interact with the rest of us.  And feel free to reach out to Jimmy D on TelegramTwitter, or Discord anytime for assistance on putting whichever best suits your preferred vantage point into motion.  In the meantime, thank you for dropping on into our official blog and if you happened to enjoy this piece and all the others, please do like and share this out so that we can show the world at large just how amazing this collective place we call home truly is.

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*Article written by Jimmy D.  Images provided by Jimmy D and Gary the Architect.

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