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June 6, 2021

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Just so that everyone is aware, all of theUplift.World servers will be going down Monday, June 7th from 6:00 to 8:00 PM EST. Although we do apologize for the inconvenience, we are quite confident you’ll be more than happy with the outcome. Please read the details below as there are a few things that you should actively take note of and prepare for as to not be left out naked in the cold.   

Survival Worlds Unite  

So, finally the active survival worlds of Gratitude, Londom, Chick’in Ka’ah, and Swineland will be united. The team is confident that the terms and conditions for all of these servers have been aligned meaning that now resources from these are now made transferable.  

That said, in order to implement this, there needs to be a hard reset.  The one issue that presents itself is that for those of you already active in more than one of these worlds, your inventories are not the same.  So, we ask in preparation that you make sure that you lock all your items from all the worlds into chests to secure them for the move.  

Let’s say that again just to be clear.  After the server reset, your personal inventory will default to whichever survival world you log into first, meaning any personal inventories on any other survival worlds will be lost.  So, in order to protect all of your inventory assets across all the SURVIVAL WORLDS noted above, make sure that you have all of them locked up in chests well before the servers go down for the reset.    

Final Warning: Anything in chests will be safe, so it is ONLY the personal inventory at risk.  Secure all of you belonging on every SURVIVAL server in chests before the maintenance call or most of it, even that which you are wearing, will be gone after the ONE time reset.     

That said, how excited are you all to finally be able to move goods and services across various survival regions?!? 

Oh, and for those of you that might be wondering how to go about all this, check out all you need to know from start to finish on Jen’s Awesome Show below.

Nemesis: The Wakening of the Beast 

There have been some questions and concerns recently about the rules that have been implemented and what the ramifications of those in future gameplay may be. Here to address many of those concerns is Nemesis.  

Frankly put, Nemesis is a world where PVP reigns, rules are short, and resources are plentiful.  The world quite literally is there for the taking, IF you survive it that is. There will be special arenas for PVP play, multiple extraction points laid out in the map.

Due to the introduction of the social aspect of the NFT based metaverse theUplift.World team has created, there needed to be some general rules and guidelines that may have confused both some Minecrafters and blockchain advocates. Although we have our reasons for this that should become clearer over time, we do understand the challenges that locking down regions of the map based on development rights can cause. And Nemesis is our answer.  

Upon conclusion of the server reset, one more survival world will be added. Nemesis however is not just any survival world, but in a sense THE SURVIVAL WORLD. Although it will be connected to all other worlds, the rules for this server are quite different to even the soft-core approach of other survival worlds you may be used to.  

No disrespect to any already survivalists out there of course, but lockdown according to NFT holdings prevents some aspects that many have a craving for. Enter Nemesis: the first PVP almost anything goes Uplift World region.  

Walk into Nemesis with only what you are prepared to lose, cause if you die, it’s gone. Return dead or alive with only what you can evade enemies on this free-for-all resource collection world as the pearls of your conquest. That’s right, whatever you bring in or manage to collect in Nemesis can be taken as a reward back to any other survival server within the Uplift Worlds, provided you can survive long enough to find a portal and get it out.  For those that don’t, no matter if you brought it in or earned it there, it will be lost forever to Nemesis. And just because we are who we are here at theUplift.World, true to form we have added some twists and turns into this new world order that will bring even the most hard-core Minecrafters to their knees in awe of what Nemesis has become.  

Nemesis Overview

  • You go there to mine resources you may need
  • Nobody owns lands
  • No Rules (Except common dignity like not being all out jerk or tapping into racist or other hate speech)
  • Griefing, Killing, PVP, Stealing is ALL ACCEPTABLE

Official Links & Places to Learn More

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  • Telegram:​
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*Cover image & article compiled and written by Jimmy D (aka kansaikrypto).  Images compiled and composed by NFT Nick & Ben.

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