June 5, 2021

Upliftium FAQ’s: The Basics

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What is Upliftium? 

Upliftium is theUplift.World in metaverse rewards and payment token. It can be obtained and used in various ways to encourage and enhance user experience in the metaverse.  

How is Upliftium obtained? 

Upliftium is obtained in two main ways.  

The first is as a reward for being an active part in theUplift.World Minecraft Metaverse. Using a complex algorithm, players in the Metaverse can receive Upliftium for randomized actions in the game.  

The second way in which Upliftium can be received is through a staking mechanic of ‘battery’ marked NFT’s.  These NFT’s may come in the form of an original NFT like us, or through partner project collaborations such as in the case of the YoshiDrops Yoshicoin. 

Which NFT’s can be staked for Upliftium rewards and where? 

Generally speaking, the NFT’s that will earn Upliftium are the ones with a small battery in the bottom right corner. It is especially important to be vigilant about checking that these NFT’s are actually supported by enter.theuplift.world site before you purchase them on the secondary market or verify on the official theUplift.world website the actual collaborative project NFT releases.  Please beware of scammers pretending to sell NFT’s that are not actually supported and personally verify everything on official channels. An official NFT will always have a checkmark after the name of the collection.   

Do I get Upliftium just by holding one of these battery powered NFT’s in my wallet? 

No. To qualify for Upliftium drips at present, one must be registered with enter.theuplift.world with their Minecraft Java username and WAX account.  

Do I have to have land or be an active player in The Uplift World Metaverse to collect drips from my battery powered NFT’s?  

No. As long as you have a Minecraft Java account and are registered with the WAX address that holds your NFT’s on the enter.theuplift.world site, you will receive drips on a regular basis.   

Can I register for more than one WAX account to pull Upliftium drips from? 

At this time, no, but it may be something we consider in the future. As to when, we have no idea. 

I don’t have a Minecraft Java account. Can I get Upliftium drips from my NFT’s and how? 

No. The only way to get Upliftium drips is to register on the site above with a Minecraft Java account.  You can download one easy enough from the official site (https://www.minecraft.net/en-us/store/minecraft-java-edition) 

Are there plans to change the necessity of a Minecraft Java account for inclusion into drips, and if so, when? 

We will let you know if and when things change. Right now, the priority lies in giving value back to those who have supported us most in our quest to build the best metaverse the world has ever seen. It’s taking some time, but one thing we can promise is that it is only going to get better as time goes on. The rest will appear when ready. Remember, this is Alpha.  

How much Upliftium can I expect to get? 

There is no exact number to say.  The way that it works in both the in world and through the battery enhanced NFT staking is on a time active member basis. In other words, the amount of Upliftium one receives is a direct correlation between the proportion to the number of other people/assets that are active over the time period the rewards are set to go out.  

In the case of the in metaverse rewards for landowners and players, there is a pool set aside for each time period that will be divided through the present calculations at roughly 80% player and 20% landowner rewards and divvied up according to where in the metaverse one allocates their time across the board of other players in that time span.  

In the case of the battery powered NFT’s, each schema will have its own reward pool feeding Upliftium drips. At present the only active NFT’s for Upliftium drip mining are the Alpha Wings and Yoshicoin NFT’s. Actually, both of these belong to a different pool and the basis for calculation of each will be determined on a case-by-case basis. The reasons for this are many, but basically, the justification goes towards the necessity of attributing various levels of value to our internal NFT’s, and various degrees of collaborative projects utilizing the battery to enhance one another’s ecosystem and continue to grow our collective bond.  

I think I should be getting more Upliftium, what should I do? 

Well, you are free to submit a support ticket, but before you do, let us save both of us some time because almost 100% this will be the response:  

The algorithm to calculate Upliftium is complex and involves several factors beyond the actual NFT’s staked to the wallet in your possession. Such things as the number of active staked assets, the number of people and location of time spent in world, and a whole host of other things all come into play.   

My friend spent less time in the game than me and got more Upliftium. What is wrong with your algorithm?  

Nothing.  It would be almost impossible to make a comparison that makes sense regarding this claim. There are too many variables to replicate to get the same amount of anyone else. You would have to do everything in game in the exact same moment at the exact same time, for the exact same duration for the period of the calculation, and even then, depending upon what battery NFT’s you had staked, the numbers would still be different.  

Is the algorithm public, and if not, why not? 

No. We are confident in the data that we are monitoring and have no plans to make this public as it would just incite people trying to game the system for rewards. We do have a system of checks and balances that are implemented to verify that we are keeping in the best wishes of our player base.  We are happy to reward our contributors but prefer to keep the ability to game the system at a minimum keeping the flow of Upliftium as organic as possible.  

What specifically can I do with Upliftium anyway? 

As time goes on, more use cases will surely be presented. Coming first however will be the ability to use Upliftium as an in metaverse payment option for such things as picture or artwork installations that must be performed in an official capacity by one of our team members.  

Official Links & Places to Learn More

The Uplift World


  • Homepage: https://uplift.art/​
  • Telegram: https://t.me/upliftart​
  • Twitter: https://twitter.com/upliftart



*Article and associated images compiled and written by Jimmy D (aka kansaikrypto).


A massive multiplayer universe, built on Minecraft, powered by blockchain! Build, connect with other players, join events, mine & discover crypto rewards and much more! 

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