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May 31, 2022

New Ways to Blend

NeftyBlocks is at it again, this time pushing the boundaries for level 1, 2, & 3 collection holders staking NEFTY bringing a whole new kind of value that is out of the NFT world!!

For those that have been playing around in the NFT space, you know just how important to the overall dynamics blending can be.  For those in the know the process over on NeftyBlocks is pretty sweet as is, but as we know it really is not within the persona of this team and all they have built to sit idle when there is so much to do to push the space forward.  Lucky for the community too, as many of the features that Nefty constantly brings are those most requested by the users.  Yes, if there is one thing you can count on with the team over at NeftyBlocks it is to find a way no matter how to bring about the reality of those features you most want to incorporate and utilize.  Lucky for us the team over at NeftyBlocks are true innovators and no task seems to big or small when it comes to such.

Recently in fact many in the official Discord community have been requesting the ability to use any NFT from a collection as an ingredient for a blend.  The implementation of this now opens the possibilities wide when it comes to configuring new collection blends, something that should make both the chefs and the blenders quite happy.

As is the norm, the NeftyBlocks didn’t stop there either.  In addition, they have added to the possibility for blends to include not only NFT’s as ingredients, but all the tokens listed to purchase drops on NeftyBlocks too!!  Simply navigate to the supported token tab and choose the token ingredient you would like to include alongside the NFTs contained within the blend.

“Live now creators can specify a single token, a combination of tokens, or a combination of tokens and NFTs as ingredients of a blend. Giving additional utility to tokens on the WAX Blockchain has never been easier!  The result of the blends has all the options that you are already used to. For instance, the results can be predefined NFTs, odds-based NFTs, or empty results. We are exploring the possibility for creators to provide tokens as a blend result.”

So ya, some pretty epic leveling up when it comes to future possibilities of Nefty blending.  For the complete details on these features including some interesting possibilities for revenue share, check the official Medium announcement for a breakdown to get you on your new Nefty blending way.

Uplift Partner Blends

One of the things we absolutely love about being in the metaverse game is the proximity to others who over time become more and more like family and friends.  No matter within The Uplift World or beyond, connecting with and helping each other out has always been a key factor in how we steer this metaversal ship.  In this is the power of the space we are in, and quite frankly, a big part of why we appreciate so many working towards greatness within it.

It goes without saying that many who occupy embassies and plots within our metaversal realm are fans of NFT’s.  Whether they be creators or collectors, the only thing proper degens seem to enjoy more than cool NFT’s are those with scarcity and utility.  For this reason, our recent beginning into the foray of releasing blends alongside some of our favorite friends in the space is super exciting.  Shout out to GNO City, Immersys, Kenn Bosak, Nefty, Shipple, Wombat, JRG, Wompastompa, and The Digital Acid for jumping on board with us to blend up cross collection NFT’s into new and exciting miners that will contribute to both the scarcity of all the collections involved and the utility to stack more of that oh so coveted Upliftium.

Each miner has 2 blend routes, one involving a postcard, a stamp, one or more of our existing miners, and the partner miner(s). The other route involves the previously blended miner in the series (so the next miner will need a BUIDL miner) as well as the partner miner(s) and one or more of our existing miners.  You can see the exact release times and the contents necessary for each blend over on The Uplift World NeftyBlocks Blends page for those keen to glean more specific details for each miner.  Really hope you all enjoy blending these up and get a nice Upliftium boost to help you bootstrap all the in world services on offer.

NeftyBlocks Rocks!

With so much going on in this space it is sometimes hard to keep up.  With those like Nefty out there though, the NiFTy life becomes both so much more easy to navigate and enriching.  Remember that idea you had that you thought would fit really well into the NFT space but were not quite sure how to get it there?  Well, the crew over at NeftyBlocks just might be your ticket.  No guarantees of course, but from both our personal experience and what we have heard from others, the Nefty team really does go above and beyond when it comes to community insight and implementation.  Ambitiously receptive in all the improvements they set out to do, we really do appreciate each and every big and little thing those over at Nefty help us and each and every one of you to do.  We are insanely grateful for all NeftyBlocks do and bring to the space, and we suspect the majority of you are too!!

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*Article written and published by Jimmy D

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