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The New Upliftium Miner Sale

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September 1, 2022

Upliftium is an in-game token used for transactional purposes inside the The Uplift World Metaverse.   There are a variety of reasons to want to and ways in which to obtain Upliftium.  The two most common are through in game rewards and hodling specialized Upliftium Miner NFT’s in an account attached over on our official portal site.

How It Works

Mining pools determine how much Upliftium is generated on an hourly basis by a given NFT. The size of the drip pool determines how much Upliftium is generated on a weekly basis. The hourly Upliftium returns are divided between all NFTs / miners that tap into this particular pool. This means a small pool can potentially generate a higher hourly Upliftium output per NFT than a much larger pool, if far fewer NFTs are tapping into the small pool. Players can be strategic to maximize their outcome by looking at the pool size, but also at the number of NFTs that share the same drip pool. Players can easily look up all relevant information about the available Upliftium Drip Pools by visiting:

Why Collect & Hodl Upliftium?!?

Upliftium can be used for picture or portal installs on plots of land or rail that you own in The Uplift World metaverse, as well as other official services provided by The Uplift World team.

  • Services include but are not limited to picture and portal installations, screenshot sessions of your builds, regeneration of land and rail plots, and spinning up entirely new world regions as part of the metaverse.  In order to request these services and learn more please refer to the official Upliftium Services Requisition documentation and form.

Upliftium can be used in metaverse at various shops and stalls to stock up on goods you may desire in game.

  • Different shops (chests) will offer different goods at different price points.  As part of the in-metaverse free market economy The Uplift World team does not control the amount of goods on the market nor the prices.  Presently the best places to find shops is The Shop List and via the Uplift-Bazaar channel in our official Discord server.

Upliftium can be crystalized and withdrawn as an Upliftium NFT for a variety of known and yet undiscovered purposes

Upliftium 101

Hop in below with Professor Dirt to get an Upliftium recap and brief overview of the upcoming Upliftium Miner Sale

The New Upliftium Miner Sale

At 2pm EST on September the first limited Upliftium miner sale of the year will finally kick off.  Unlike other sales whereby miners were sold straight up, this time there will be an added twist of chance thrown in the mix.  Here’s how it works:


  • Early Bird price: 250 Packs @ 100 WAX
  • Keener price: 500 Packs at 130 WAX
  • Special Price: 500 Packs at 160 WAX
  • Regular Price 500 Packs at 220 WAX

Packs contain 1 miner with the following odds:

  • Commons 57% chance- 5 mil Upliftium/week pool
  • Uncommon 28% chance- 5m Upliftium/week pool
  • Rare 14% chance- 5M Upliftium/week pool


Concurrent Upliftium & Shard pack Blendables

  • Shard packs- 250 packs at 50 shards, 250 packs at 100 shards (5 shard packs)
  • Upliftium packs- unlimited packs at 3M upliftium each (through blends) then every 90 days they are repriced with a 10% price increase

No need to wait for the WAX sale to sell out before you can start getting miner packs at 3M upliftium (blend for 3 1M upliftium NFTs)!

  • Make sure you claim and crystalize any Upliftium you intend to use soon as there is a 24h holding period on crystallizations.

Get those NFTs on NEFTY NeftyBlocks or grab LIFTIUM on Alcor and transfer it (in 1M upliftium amounts) to tokenizednft and they will send you a 1M NFT for each million LIFTIUM you send.

Upliftium Miner Sale Q&A Walkthrough

The Uplift World

A multiplayer metaverse consisting of 11 differing creative and survival worlds powered by blockchain based NFT’s, community members of The Uplift World have the ability to explore, build, and shape various creative and survival sectors and be rewarded through the process.  Beyond all the amazing styles of builds utilizing Minecraft in the initial stages, the beginnings of expansions are well underway which in time we project will allow a single NFT to access a whole multiverse of platforms allowing for interactions between members in a multitude of ways.  Already we are looking at hosting an increasing number of events such as PVP E-sports or open gallery showings designed to entice the living community that is our foundation for positive growth and change. Interested to learn more?  Check out the official project links below and be sure to brush up on the more top notch features on every variety of build you could possibly imagine by skimming all that speaks to your personal bias and style right here on

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