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July 22, 2021

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Welcome to theUplift.World Community BLDRZ blog, where we do our best to bring you all the goods and focus in on the people and projects that make the metaverse what it is today.  

It is actually quite uncanny the amount of amazing buildz, projects, and people involved across the multiple sectors of our Uplift World metaverse.  In essence, because of the sheer amount of amazing BLDRZ that have begun transforming their little pieces of our realm, this blog will consist of those people, projects, and bldrz that would like to introduce themselves to the community and explain a little about why they are here and what they do both within the Uplift World metaverse and beyond.

First up we bring you up close and personal with Sean Ballent, Co-Founder of The Writer Company (, a crypto-publication that is driven by NFTs and a loveable android brand mascot named Finney.  Not only have they been making headway with their very talented plethora of writers in keeping the crypto community at large informed on a multitude of blockchains, but they are also fast becoming known in the space for their Cryptowriter podcast network of interviewers, hosts, and guests, as well as their innovative approach to NFT’s with their Crypto Finney characters and comic books.  

  • Sean Ballent, Shift City, Writer
  • Shift City in the Uplift World Genesis Sector
  • Co-ordinates: 1100, 100 

How did you first get introduced to top blockchain and cryptocurrency?  

Back in early 2015, I had cut the cord on my cable service and needed to purchase a “grey-area” streaming service. They only accepted BTC, so it pushed me to create a Coinbase account. At the time the cost of a single Bitcoin was around $600. I purchased one and the price jumped to $800 a couple days later. I was hooked. 

What is it about the future of blockchain and cryptocurrency that excites you the most?

I’m most excited about the shift from crypto/blockchain being almost entirely driven by speculation, to crypto/blockchain having a tangible positive impact on the world. We are starting to see glimpses of this now, but only glimpses. 

How did you first find out about theUplift.World?

I went on a Media Moguls livestream with Corey and Jimmy D. Jimmy was ranting about the Uplift off and on throughout the show. I was intrigued. After the show I asked Corey to show me around, he obliged, and I was blown away. I’d seen other on-blockchain metaverses, but the Uplift was the first I’d seen that was building an NFT layer on top of something already mass-adopted. 

What was the overall design of your Uplift World plot and why? 

Shift City was designed after the very first NFT we released called Finney’s Arrival. Finney has just landed on earth and he is looking out over Shift City. We wanted to weave Finney’s story through our entire brand and Uplift is no exception providing another layer of immersion. 

The city itself was designed off of the initial image above, and in world many landmarks are both represented and have been created to compliment Finney’s story.

Broad overview of Shift City in the making.
Street view of the downtown high rises of Shift City.
The quiet streets of Shift City.
Downtown Shift City at night on a pleasant summer evening.
View of Invest Tower, luxury Shift City apartments.
Shift City Gratitude Park.
Night view from a quiet street of Shift City.
Shift City bridge and scenic lookout.
The Shift City Distribution Center and loading docks.
Shift City Luxury Condos.
Shift Tower Lobby.
Shift’s Penthouse Office.
Shift’s desk, which is actually modeled off of the real life desk of Lars Kommienezuspadt, Chief Creative officer at, and creator of the Finney character. Also the scene of where creativity comes to be born and at least one of the Dark Pin Up series NFT photographs.
A view of Shift City from the bridge.

What are you looking forward to the most in regards to theUplift.World?

I want to see Uplift continue to add cool functionality, bringing it to the point of adoption. I want to see Shift City become “the” destination in the Genesis sector.

What are you planning next for theUplift.World?  

Our all-star builder, Stealth Smiff, is hard at work bringing Shift City to life and creating a truly multi-dimensional immersive experience that’s not only fun, but is rewarding and educational. 

Is there anything else you would like to note about your project, community, build, upcoming events?

Finney Vol. 1, our first pack drop is scheduled for the middle of August. The pack drop is comic-styled art that tells the detailed story of Finney as he explores Shift City on a mission to learn about crypto. Much of the artwork was based off the design of Shift City in Uplift world and vice versa. 


For all you UpLifters out there, please do head on over to Shift City at 1200, 0 in the Genesis sector and check out this amazing installation.  It really is impressive to think that this was all born from the vision of the one image above and goes to show you what can come from an amazing idea alongside great buldrz in the Uplift World.  

As for Sean and the Cryptowriter crew, be sure to subscribe and follow their publication and podcast network to keep up to date on the most pertinent information in the space.  And don’t forget to tune in weekly to both Roundtable Live w/ Corey Cottrell & Jimmy D where they break down the world of crypto into bits and pieces from various perspectives over on the Cryptowriter Podcast network, as well as To the Edge of Obscurity and Back Again w/ Sean Ballent and Jimmy D for a little randomness that has fast become a bond between our ever tightening communities.  

Finally, don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled for the in-metaverse walkthrough live on theUpLifters channel on the Journeys Through the Uplift World Communities series with the Shift City design and bldrz team.  And for any others out there interested in having your Uplift builds featured please follow these instructions and dm Jimmy D a copy when complete.

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The Uplift World Official Links

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