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December 4, 2021

The UpLifters Lenz is a series dedicated to showcasing some of the many amazing buildz caught on camera by our resident architects, interior decorators & designers, maintenance & clean up crews, and the whole host of others in our amazing family keeping the Uplift World in tip top shape by working so meticulously and tirelessly behind the scenes.

“Seamlessly integrated into The Uplift World Metaverse, space optimized, interconnected to epic creations, and with intention to promote the vision of what this platform can be, The Maul Gallery (Genesis 1350, 450) was created to be a work of art and a platform to promote and create value for the artist to enable and sustain creation.  This Gallery is dedicated to the Star Wars Fan Artists and the Legends of The Uplift.”

Although the plot itself sits on a 50×50, the amount of sheer art in the form of both structural builds and image installs is staggering.  The first thing one notices upon arriving at this dedicated Star Wars themed fan art gallery is the subtle contrast between the incredibly beautiful image installs and the structural elements enabling the mind to drift towards a space of place out of this world perspective.

Aayla leading the charge

The gallery itself is divided into a variety of spaces, first and foremost of which becomes apparent is that of the main entrance and the area residing higher up complete with a Darth Maul centerpiece enclave (aka Club Maul), the residence, the future site of the Maul Gallery condos, and a space ship landing area and launch pad on the roof high up in the sky. Simply find those water elevators encased in glass and head on up to take a look around what awaits above.

Up a level from the menacing faces of Darth Maul you can find The Penthouse Residence, complete with pool, fireplace with sofa, pristine pieces of art, a hanging gratitude wall, and the other necessities of for living the life of comfort.

No Uplift World build would be complete without an immaculate Gratitude Monument or three.

For those of you with true ambition to not only take in the sites and sounds of The Maul Gallery, but actually live it, well, the option to own your own Maul Gallery Condo may actually not be such a distant dream.

And finally to top it all off, head up to the landing pad and check out some of the amazing outta this world space craft docked there.

And now on to the main attraction, the gallery itself.  Jump on into the elevator and head back down to ground level.  Have a wander around, take a deeper look into the Ground Level Gallery Art, and head on into the ground floor gallery to begin the Star Wars artistic expedition of a lifetime.

Past two metaversal gallery portal entrances and a message from the orchestrator of this artistic wonder of The Uplift World, take the elevator down to all that awaits in the amazing artistic paradise that awaits below.

The TUB Gallery and Rocket Gallery are just two of the multiple galleries that are connected in The Uplift World Genesis Gallery Loop, a self organized community of gallery gallery builders that have not only been making waves of brilliance with their amazing art installs, but by connecting them together with portals, an metaversal splash of gargantuan proportions. Be sure to use these portals to connect to other galleries that compose the Loop at sometime in the not so distant future to get the most out of your Uplift World artistic viewing experience!

While you take a moment to appreciate the art, remember this one, as it’s the one that will lead you back to the surface and home…

And behind you through the door let the underground Maul journey begin while you come face to face with Darth Maul in the cubic flesh staring directly into your eyes…

… and those of the storm trooper beyond where you stand. Quite a few levels to explore here, but as long as you remember it’s Trooper Atrium that points the exit way, you’re all set.

“These aren’t the Droids you are looking for” Obi-wan Kenobi


“I’ll see in hell” Han Solo

‘It’s all Black and White’

Fett Atrium

“Bounty Hunters are known to gather in the Fett atrium of The Maul Gallery. Could they be hunting Aayla?”

“Grogu’s Room”


Vader Atrium

“Hall of Portraits”


On-site security!!



The Perspective of Choice

The vast array of artwork is only one element about The Maul Gallery that will leave you in utter amazement.  The whole gallery is composed of multiple floors and rooms, and although stand alone in one sense, the whole essence of the build incorporating glass causeways, flowing lava, zero gravity blocks in space, images shrouded in the mystery of swaying branches of tress, and 3D works of art in the actual space is an experience no picture no matter how detailed can capture.  Because of this we definitely recommend finding a way to get into The Uplift World to take in all this magic yourself, but just in case after all that you are undecided, check out The Maul Gallery Great Reveal that aired on opening day on theUpLifters network below.

The Grand Opening

The gallery is absolutely stunning, there is no doubt, but another amazing twist to this gallery was that it presented the first ever ‘Open Gallery Event’ in The Uplift World Metaverse.  Simply stated, by downloading a free NFT into your wallet, anyone could enter to have a walk around the gallery within the open server window.  Although a first, definitely not the last.  Witness this opening of epic proportions alongside Uplift World founder Corey Cottrell below.


So many people had such wonderful things to say about both The Maul Gallery and the opening event that it would be impossible to replicate them all here. The build, the art, and the experiential process of taking it all in both alone and alongside others really did showcase the epic potential of the beginning stages of what is sure to soon be a standardized norm we won’t really know how previous we lived without.

The Maul Gallery NFT Collection

Acquire The Maul Gallery Genesis NFT for free by visiting and leaving feedback at The Maul Gallery.  From there, others such as Gurgo’s Room featured below can be acquired from MaulCollects on AtomicHub and are intended to fuel future creation and onboarding of new artists.

In regards to what is on the bill next for The Maul Gallery, well future plans include an NFT Artist Series, an Action Figure Quest, NFT Blends, Condos (dependent upon NFT plot fractionalization capability), a Reveal of the inside of Club Maul, and additional Fan Art Gallery of a different flavor ;-).

And from us here at The Uplift World, thank you so much for joining us here for another episode of The Uplifters Lenz, a series dedicated to showcasing some of the most amazing creativity and building skillz residing solely within this grand metaverse we call home.  Should you yourself wish to have your build feature in any of our segments, please be sure to check out The Path to Featured Buildz & Events Inside Your Uplift World for more info on these dynamic possibilities, and of course do not hesitate to get in touch with Jimmy D on TelegramTwitter, or Discord so we can put whichever happens to be your fancy into motion.  Until that time again then when we can welcome you back with yet another amazing build article here from The Uplift World, do take care of yourselves and make life in the metaverse and beyond as wonderful as you possibly realistically can.


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*This piece and main gallery images compiled and composed by Jimmy D.  All quotations are attributed by The Maul Gallery creator, TheMTBER. Cover image taken by Gary the Architect.

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