Turbo Eddie’s CK Modern Residence & Gallery

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March 23, 2022

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Over in Chik’in Ka’ah in the North Central district you can find Turbo Eddie hard at work or chill at rest with his survivalist modern house (2600,300) and art gallery (2650, 300).  Good shaders are recommended to be able to partake in witnessing all the finest materials used in the development of these adjacent plots.  And do take a jaunt next door to the corner rail plot (2650, 350) and board the underground Ghost Train to take a cool ride done in collaboration with his neighbor and mate Gkid.

Turbo Eddie’s Modern CK House

Pretty cool modern house and grounds with some fantastic day time and night light views over the surrounding gardens and landscape well worth a meander and look see.

Dragon heads guarding the main entrance walk
Nice grounds filled with a combination of various greenery and water features
Good place to admire the residence from afar
Ocelot & bird protected sanctuary
Storage and crafting room
Nice color pallet and open air glass concept
Indoor terra cotta pool
Reflections of a modern man
Look at that office view
Who is this roof top dweller?!
Nice 180 from above
Great view for a sit down of any sort
Spectacular night show as the moon hovers over The Turbo Gallery pyramid in the distance below
Night scape of the finer basement details
Pretty epic place to take in all the magic of twilight

The Turbo Gallery

Adjacent to the Turbo Eddie’s modern residence is within the pyramid structure is the the beginnings of the Turbo Gallery set to display

The koi pond
Resonating underwater reflective glows
Zombie in Checkers by Byron the Artist (left) and Stephano Contini by Jilian Godsil (right)
The 5th Element by Yuna (left) and Warp Punk 11 by Cliff Glitchard (right)

The Ghost Train

Below the gallery you will find popping out of the depths a short bit of tracks that are actually part of the quite extensive Ghost Train ride touring through a few of the adjacent plots.  A collaborative effort by Turbo Eddies and redstone genius Gkid, the entrance to this pretty epic ride can be found just below the surface of the corner rail plot just west of the Turbo Gallery at 2650, 350.  Look for the two golden blocks on the base level of the rail that point the way to the entrance (or hop on midway through below the Turbo Gallery to eventually end where you need to begin).

Now don’t those few shots of the Ghost Train ride jus make you wanna head over there and find the entrance to this pretty spectacular hidden adventure running through and beneath these quite unique and fascinating adjacent plots in the northern quadrant of Chik’in Ka’ah?!?

And as for Turbo Eddie and all he has been partaking with here in the metaverse and beyond, this seems as though it is just the beginning as the stars are beginning to align as passions and inspirations merge themselves as one into overcoming some trials and tribulations alongside attaining some real life goals that have been in the works for years.  Certainly we here at The Uplift World are so very grateful for the opportunity to have those like Turbo Eddie as part of our community forging forth with drive and purpose and while simultaneously into the abyss where the creative juices can flow and melodies of balance rhyme.  Definitely come and check out the modern residence and Turbo gallery, and when you do take a moment to become one with your thoughts in this place and let the meaning of home away from home and what comes next resonate as it was intended by the creator of this quite charming little oasis.

Special thanks to Turbo Eddie for reaching out and sharing both these and other wonderful builds and their stories with us here at The Uplift World. It really is touching to have the opportunity to hear from those out there about what they are doing with us here in the metaverse and the special unique value it has to each and every person on a individual level.  Should any of you out there happen to have your own build or story you would like to showcase here with us on #Shameless_Plug_of_Uplifting_Proportions, an ongoing series intended as a showcase for fellow UpLifters to shill their amazing metaverse creations to the broader community, please don’t be shy and get in touch with Jimmy D on TelegramTwitter, or Discord so we can get it all out there for the broader world to see.  And thank you to all of you out there for the love and support you constantly throw not only our way, but into this collective experience that we are so lucky to be a part of and share together.  Please like and share this out for the collective good, and continue being as amazing with all that you are doing in our shared metaverse and beyond.

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*This article and associated images was published by Jimmy D

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