Upliftium Drips Q&A

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June 27, 2021

Upliftium Drips Q&A



What is the price of Upliftium? Wen Alcor? Will this only ever be In-Game Currency? What can I do with Upliftium?

Here’s a quick FAQ on UPLIFTIUM – https://theuplift.world/upliftium-faqs-the-basics/


  • Fairly thoon you will be able to withdraw your Upliftium to the chain by purchasing Crystalized Upliftium NFTs, first on WAX, then on Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, and maybe even Ethereum.  Wen?  Fairly Thoon.
  • You will be able to purchase these NFTs from other players and deposit them back into the Uplift to increase your avail ammt of Upliftium in our worlds.
  • We don’t, and never will, set any price for Upliftium. The secondary market will be the determining factor of the price, and we will have nothing to do with that. YOU, our loyal and incredibly awesome community, will.
  • The Uplift will very likely never sell Upliftium at any price (wax/fiat/bear pelts/lambo trades/etc.)   We prefer giving it away. 😉
  • We are launching withdrawals as (crystalized upliftium) NFTs (in specific upliftium denominations) first, we may never have an upliftium token, and if we did we The Uplift would never list on Alcor.  Is this repetitive? Ya a bit.  
  • Upliftium is already used for picture installs (100K per), Want to book a picture install?  DM our technician Jen on twitter @ https://twitter.com/20011981
  • Many in-game(ecosystem) uses of Upliftium coming (prospecting report, land regeneration, proximity audio subscription, maybe video on-plot, adding Upliftium Batteries to partner projects NFTs, Mining Rig Upgrades, buying land in Uplist Pre-Sales etc etc e` 21qtc 
  • Upliftium as an in-game medium of exchange between players is being explored as well
  • Also, you don’t have to claim every hour. You can let that sweet sweet Upliftium build up for as long as you want in between claims! 


The Upliftium by hour rate already takes into account the numbers of miners I have?

Correct, the rate shown is for all the NFTs of that template combined!


Why are my Alpha Wings making less than the new Promo Packs?

– Fewer of the promo miners than alpha wings means each promo miner shares a bigger part of the pool. Don’t forget there are unopened packs and we are definitely NOT finished distributing them! 


How do the pools work?

– Each charge level represents a weekly pool size. Each new template ID at a charge level gets its own copy of this size of a pool. All NFTs of that template ID that are actually registered and mining away share the amount of upliftium in the pool for that template ID.

– Higher Charge = Bigger Pool!! But if more people ape into that pool you might still get a smaller Upliftium Drip while an imbalance exists.  See also: THE REST OF DEFI. 

– Higher Rarity= Fewer NFTs per pool (and prettier NFTs)

Why is my Silver Yoshi Membership earning less than me Clear Yoshi Membership?

– We aren’t in control of the YoshiCoins upgrade path, and FOR REAL anyone trying to game the Yoshi system just for Upliftium instead of getting all the drops and rewards that Yoshi will be dropping to lifetime memberships is not only doing NFTs wrong, they are likely doing LIFE wrong. 

– &  the Upliftium Drip is dependent upon how many people / NFTs are participating in the pool at any given time. This will be variable. 

– watch what happens when people ape into the Clear Membership pool now!!  See also: ALL OF DEFI as a good example around how these pools work.


Why am I not able to claim!!!

You need a minecraft java account as well as a wax wallet linked in enter.theuplift.world

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