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January 30, 2022

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Fighting Literally for Fine Art

The only way to see what’s inside the new wing of ArtVndngMchn’s latest fine art exhibit is to finish a gaming obstacle course while also defeating monsters.

Outside the Brawl Gallery in ArtVndngMchn Amusement Park
Outside the Brawl Gallery in ArtVndngMchn Amusement Park

The exhibit, in a new wing of the ArtVndngMchn Amusement Park called the Brawl Gallery, features NFT art by Rare Scrilla, Laerth Motta, and fellow Dada artists Isa Kost, Marko Zubak, Vanesa Stati @vvanestati, and Barbara Tosti. They’re all very seasoned fine artists and most are even pioneers in the cryptoart space.

View of ArtVndngMchn's Brawl Gallery from a distance, outside across the lake
View of ArtVndngMchn’s Brawl Gallery from a distance, outside across the lake

Brawl Gallery: Why Fight to View Art?

Brawl Gallery Action painting by Joe Chiappetta has just dropped into battle formation, available on Atomic Hub as a 1 of 1 NFT.

This painting depicts the Brawl Gallery, which is a virtual 3D destination in The Uplift World metaverse built on top of Minecraft. As part of the ArtVndngMchn Amusement Park, the Brawl Gallery is not your typical fine art gallery: rather it is the art viewing adventure of the future… today. The Brawl Gallery is a dangerous digital place where you will do your most gamer-action fighting just for the privilege of viewing art by multiple international artists. Is it a game or is it art? Yes to both!

The artwork is also available in an animated pencil version as a 1 of 1 NFT on Atomic Hub.
In the pencil NFT version of Brawl Gallery Action there are bonus details different from the color NFT version.

Think of completing a Brawl Gallery journey–where you finally make it to view the art at the end of a crazy obstacle course–as the reward for surviving a hard and unpredictable battle. In fact, in many cases, you will be defeated by monsters before you actually see any fine art in this perilous gallery adventure. Yet some things are worth fighting for.

After surviving monster attacks, the obstacle course, and a maze, this is one of many rare scenes from the inner-most exhibit of the Brawl Gallery.

Why Make A Gallery Where You Have To Fight And Survive Before Viewing Art?

I have been in the art community, as artist, collector, curator, project leader in ArtVndngMchn, and enthusiastic gallery-hopper for over 4 decades. So viewing art is something that is wired into who I am. While there is nothing wrong with the traditional way to view art, the added excitement of having to accomplish some sort of challenge first makes the experience of finally seeing the artwork more memorable and fun for me, and a growing number of like minded gamers too.

In the old way of viewing art, people:

  1. travel to a physical or digital exhibit space to see the art,
  2. the art is viewed,
  3. the fellow viewers can be engaged with, and that’s about it. Again, there’s nothing wrong with this.

However, because we are such a visually absorbent people, devouring images quickly with our eyes, we can browse through a whole exhibit and see every piece in a matter of minutes.

Therefore a way in which the act of viewing art could be somehow modified would make the experience last longer and bring with it new memories. Indeed, technology has evolved so that now with a metaverse environment, viewing art can be much more gamified and therefore an enhanced experience. Basically, viewing art can now be part of a game.

I find that people are hungry for such adventures: I know I am. So making a gallery that has quests and accomplishments built into the exhibit brings a whole new dimension to the fine art viewing experience. Art, at its core, is all about discovery anyways. What better way to amplify the art discovery process than to add gamified challenges to the gallery-hopping art lover? I predict more galleries will adopt this exhibition practice in the future, as gaming and art continue their inevitable path toward complete convergence.

This artsy gamification can be experienced right now in the Brawl Gallery, which is currently adding new art to the experience each week. All are welcome to come and get immersed in the brawl, then the gallery… and then you’re brawling in the gallery. Such is life in the Brawl Gallery!


How to Visit the Brawl Gallery

To visit the Brawl Gallery, get Minecraft Java Edition on a PC and go to a Minecraft server called The Uplift World in their Gratitude map at coordinates 3350 2400.

To participate, you’ll also need to either own any virtual land NFT in The Uplift World, or get whitelisted by me (or another land owner) for access.

Fine art has never been so fun (and fight infested)

ArtVndngMchn Series 3 Preview

In-game view of 2 collaborative paintings by Joe Chiappetta and Melida Rios from ArtVndngMchn Series 3, now on exhibit at ArtVndngMchn Amusement Park in the Brawl Gallery

For the first time ever, you can now preview a few of the new fine art NFTs that will be available in the ArtVndngMchn Series 3 pack release. The gallery is open now. The NFT fine art pack release for ArtVndngMchn Series 3 launches February 26, 2022 on NeftyBlocks.

Collaborative fine art by Joe Chiappetta and Melida Rios are some of many pieces in this wild gallery covering many international artists. The artworks can be seen as part of a large 3-D virtual art exhibit for those who make it through a dark maze and dreadful monster battles before reaching the main hall of the Brawl Gallery. Fine art from ArtVndngMchn Series 1 and Series 2 is also on exhibit there.

As part of the ArtVndngMchn Amusement Park in the Minecraft metaverse known as The Uplift World, keep visiting The Brawl Gallery to encounter art that you must fight for the right to experience–if you survive. New pieces get added to this exhibit each week. In fact, every Friday for the next 6 weeks, unreleased new art from ArtVndngMchn’s Series 3 NFT pack release will be shown there for all gamers and fine art fans to admire… if they dare. [2]

ArtVndngMchn & The Uplift World Amusement Park

“Always aiming to inspire in a positive manner, ArtVndngMchn is shepherded by Joe Chiappetta, who has been in the cryptoart space since 2015 and an award-winning cartoonist who began his career in the mid-1980s.”  The project consists of a variety components making up “a fine art experience with an unpredictably gamified NFT life of its own”.  One of these components is a 3D virtual gallery and entertainment game space experienced through The Uplift World metabverse in the Gratitude sector at 3100, 2200.

Sunrise Over ArtVndngMchn Amusement Park
Sunrise Over ArtVndngMchn Amusement Park is rare digital art by Joe Chiappetta, available on AtomicHub.

For more on the art, artists, and ArtVndngMchn including the most up to date information on the Series 3 launch, see the official homepage. For an in depth look at Joe Chiappetta and his teams creation of The Uplift World, check out our exclusive below.

The Uplift World BLDRZ: Featuring the ArtVndngMchn Amusement Park


ArtVndngMchn Official Links

Are you a gallery owner featuring a variety of rotational exhibits in The Uplift World Metaverse that would like to have a feature article about a past, present, or upcoming show on our official site? Well, all you have to do is get in touch with Jimmy D in one of our official channels on Telegram or Discord and we will see what we can do to make just that kind of thing happen.

The Uplift World Official Links

*This article is primarily a conglomeration of parts of a series of articles by Joe Chiappetta.  For the originals please follow the highlighted titles for each section.  Editing on this site done by Jimmy D with permissions given for replicated material by Joe Chiappetta.


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