The Gratitude Birch Plantation at White Rabbit Canyon Estate

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January 29, 2022

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The Gratitude Estate Sale was perhaps one of the most interesting things we have done here at The Uplift World.  Instead of the traditional scenario where people could just purchase plots of land, we listened to the community in-part and offered up various sizes of connected land and rail plots both in auction and set price formats.  A variety of estates were carved out of the central eastern part of the Gratitude map and came with some added bonus features.  It was so epic even members of our team were raring to participate, including Uplift Founder Corey Cottrell whom after much deliberation on what exactly he was looking for ended up scooping up the White Rabbit Canyon Estate.

As most who know Corey should already be aware, gratitudes have always been an important foundation of The Uplift World.  From that first day the server was entered and that infamous first sign was planted stated simply ‘I’m grateful for this place’, gratitudes have always been an important foundation for what this virtual space has blossomed into.  Around that first sign grew more gratitudes every time people would bring themselves together, and eventually the weekly Gratitude Ceremonies began, first at the caves of that original site, then to the Cathedral in Old World, and still to this day being carried on over at the Ka’thedral in Chik’in Ka’ah.

In time as the metaverse formed around this foundational concept, the practice of placing up gratitudes grew and became ingrained in the fabric of theUpLifters network shows and the core team meetings etched in the UpLifers Tower and The Tuttle Gratitude Building.  In addition, a variety of other plots started throwing down their very own monuments with messages of the big and small things in life, the metaverse, and on our shared journey that they were grateful for.  And with this momentum one thing became clear, eventually somewhere sometime, Gratitude Birch needed to be a thing — and what better place to bring this into fruition than the newly purchased White Rabbit Estate in Gratitude?!?

Gratitude Birch

Why Birch? It’s easy to see the writing on the signs, plain and simple.  And the concept for the plantation?  Well, that pretty much ties into Corey and his habitual foundation in the metaverse since before the dawn of the sun that very first time.

Hello.  Welcome to the Gratitude Birch tree farm.  We plant our birch trees with ceremony next to little blu flowers with gratitude in our hearts.  We ONLY harvest during SUNRISE.  These blocks are intended to be used for Gratitude Monuments.  They’re expensive 🙂 50% of all UPLIFTIUM proceeds are going to A HUGE EDUCATION CHARITY MISSION 2022! MAXIMUM GRATITUDE! Thanks for stopping by!

The initial work and plan spun into action one fine Tuesday evening in early December live on an UpLift UpDate with Corey Cottrell and Jimmy DThe Mello builder hopped in live and a few guests such as I_am popped in world for the collective groundbreaking ceremony – literally.  Of course Genesis being a survival world there were some early struggles, but in the end triumph was had and quite an impressive birch plantation and courtesy of Mello, giant ‘treehouse’ began to take shape.  Well into a couple months since the first tree and blu flower was laid, the Gratitude Birch Plantation is a pretty chill little place to head on over and check out, and should you so desire grab some of that oh so good birch for some signs of your very own…

‘First Gratitude Birch! Let it stand forever’
Rows of gratitude birch paired with blu flowers and iced off with bumble bees ;D
Where we hide the harvest…
Just a nice place to be …
Overview from the tracks
The Tree House courtesy of The Mello Builder
A uniqueness to admire
Quite the spiral staircase ringing this one out!
A view of the perimeter birch from the staircase to the top
… and the main plantation zone and original birch dome
As naturally sound as the surroundings abound
At least once, this Gratitude Birch Plantation and accompanying Tree House on the White Rabbit Estate (Gratitude 4450, 1900ish) is something everyone should see!!


As for all you patrons of out there, please do get in touch with us to get your on-goings inside this metaverse we all share up here for all to see.  Although we do this in a variety of ways, we are always open to new series ideas and exceptions beyond what can be found in The Path to Featured Buildz & Events Inside Your Uplift World.  Simply get in touch with  Jimmy D on TelegramTwitter, or Discord anytime for assistance on putting whichever best suits your preferred vantage point into motion.  In the meantime, thank you for dropping on into our official blog and if you happened to enjoy this piece and all the others, please do like and share this out so that we can show the world at large just how amazing this collective place we call home truly is.

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*This article and associated images was curated by Jimmy D.

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