Creepers Be Creepin’ (And How to Stop ‘Em)

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April 22, 2022

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A creeper is a common hostile mob that silently approaches players and explodes. Due to their distinctive appearance and high potential for killing unwary players as well as damaging the environment and players’ constructions, creepers have become one of the icons of Minecraft, both among players and non-players. [Creeper]

Needless to say, beyond worrying about death of course, the biggest threat creepers pose to those in the survival regions of The Uplift World metaverse is building and plot damage.  However lucky for us, this handy tutorial filmed in Gratitude and Swineland by Our Most Awesomest Jen is jam-packed with tips and tricks for avoiding creeper block damage!

Hot Tips for Outwitting Creepers

[1] Get a Cat: Cats spawn near villages.  Budget a very long time to get a cat.  You’ll have to wander around for what feels like forever, then when you find your cat, you still need to get it home safely.  Good luck with that. Cats can be tamed by right-clicking on them with raw fish.  You’ll need a few fish.

[2] Use Water: To protect your shop chests, build your shops 1 block deep in water.  Creepers don’t cause damage to submerged blocks, and chests still function underwater.  See Jen’s Art Supply Shop for an example on how to do this.

[3] Wall Construction: Build a wall at least 2 blocks high.  Make sure you have at least 2 exits with good visibility – acacia, jungle, and oak doors are best, or doors with lots of windows beside them.  Creepers can climb vines and ladders, so don’t use those.  Water elevators are safe. Construct your walls with obsidian to maximize blast resistance.

[4] Light It Up: Lights are universal hostile mob repellant. Mobs spawn at light levels of 7 or lower.  You can find the light level by pressing F3. This displays a host of useful information including light levels, biome name, coordinates, the direction you are facing, and the name of the block you are looking at.  If you are not friends with F3 yet, you should be!

[5] Wear a Creeper Head: Wearing a creeper head confuses creepers and they are less able to sense you and won’t attack from far away. Creeper heads provide 0 armor protection though, so be careful to watch out for other mobs. Creeper heads can be dropped by creepers that have been charged by lightning or purchased in shops.

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* Article published by Jimmy D with content provided by The Jen.

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