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November 15, 2022

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It is hard to keep up sometimes with all the amazing creativity and collaboration that is continually evolving in The Uplift World.  Seems this is not only the case for us here at the core, but also for all those out there in the metaverse as well.  Sometimes appreciation of all others are thinking and doing takes a backseat to what we ourselves have as a focus and are building.  Regardless of the reasons why, it is always good to go back to the grassroots of the foundational aspects that ties us all together in all that this amazing shared experience we are all vested into has become.  Although there are lots out that that do not really care, and honestly that is totally ok, there are those that always have and do – so this post dear gracious ones is focused on you.

Gratitudes in the Uplift World have always been a thing and have spread across many plots in the short time we have been here, even before then really. Although this is a very small gathering of what we know to be many more, the need to start somewhere is always better in these sorts of things sooner or later – so should gratitudes from your plot not appear, please don’t take it to heart, as the intent for this post is just the start.

Speaking of which…

GenerEOS Gratitudes

Considering they lived on the opposite side of the world, it only made sense that at times Corey and Jimmy would stream separately to tap into a broader guest and view base.  In the early days, Jimmy could often be found over on the GenerEOS plot working for his team to get some building done.  It was actually quite a trek to get back to the Cathedral for gratitudes, as in those days everything was actually just one big part of single map spreading out from what is now Old World.  So really, all thing considered, it just made sense to do Gratitudes here when Jimmy was running solo.

Drop Bears Tree Diving Clubhouse

Adjacent to the GenerEOS Glass wall of Gratitudes under the sea is the Drop Bears Tree Diving Clubhouse plot.  Considering all the good that they are doing trying to help with donations towards regenerating the natural landscape of Australia after the bushfires that decimated thousands of acres, it only made sense for GenerEOS to welcome them into one of their community plots in the metaverse.

Just one small section of The Uplift World Metaverse, these random gratitudes featured in Genesis showcase an important part of Uplift World history.  Should you yourselves happen to have a plot in any of our regions that showcase the gratitudes of real people on the ground building in this time of immense developmental change we currently see in the Web3 and blockchain space, be sure to hit us up, as we wanna showcase each and every one of those making a real difference of the amazing space we are all a part of!!

The Uplift World

A multiplayer metaverse initially built on Minecraft consisting of 9 differing creative and survival worlds powered by blockchain based NFT’s, community members of The Uplift World have the ability to explore, build, and shape various creative and survival sectors and be rewarded through the process.  Beyond all the amazing styles of builds, we are looking at hosting an increasing number of events such as PVP E-sports or open gallery showings designed to entice the living community that is our foundation for positive growth and change. We are also in the process of expanding the usability of our NFTs not only across blockchains, but multilayering them so that one single NFT will in time hopeflully act as an access pass to multiple first layer metaverse options.  Interested to learn more?  Check out the official project links below and be sure to brush up on the more top notch features on every variety of build you could possibly imagine by skimming all that speaks to your personal bias and style right here on

One of the best things about The Uplift World just has to be the plethora of perspectives of everything involved.  Always so much to see and do in the metaverse it is actually quite unbelievable.  And even if one could keep with all the amazing new creations that are infinitely popping up, the beauty of the human race has to be how we all see the same thing but in different ways.  Each and every one of us has a bias in the way we view the world, and by default the metaverse in which we reside.  Sharing these is in a way like sharing part of ourselves.  What is it that resonates with you when you fly or rail through The Uplift World?!? Simply fill out The Uplift Tour Bus submission form and hit up Jimmy D on Twitter or Discord when complete so we can get that oh so special one of a kind perspective of your camera lenz up here on in The Uplift Tour Bus series for each and every one of our community and beyond to learn from and experience. 









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