The Chia Horse and Pig Racing Track

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April 18, 2022

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“The Chia Horse and Pig Racing Track in Chik’in Ka’ah (3000,0) will be hosting regular races. All the horses and pigs are champions and have some pretty unique names so far. Who will be your favorite for the win!? Spectators can choose their favorite to win by taking a FREE book and quill “ticket”from the dispenser and choose the winner / throw it in the hopper. Let the races begin!
Races are free and winning tickets get free in game items! There is a full service kitchen / popcorn and candy for the kids and pub for the adults. Chia likes his coffee strong, careful at the coffee bar. If you are racing or just watching, you won’t forget this place !”

The Build

The clubhouse, stables, racetrack, and stands span three plots and are packed with detail.

The venue
Sunny track day
Very well kept grounds
Well designed place of space
The Pub and stands overlooking the track
Some horses in the stables
Easy wander to check out before making your picks
And don’t forget about the saddled pigs
“Take 1 ticket, pick a winner, drop in the bin”
The ‘Sign & Drop’ bin
The kitchen
Great place for an ale or two
Heading upstairs

The second floor
Great third floor loft space design
Excellent aerial view of the tracks and surrounding landscape
Such a cool place to kick it before and after the races
Golden rays of light
Seemingly at one with the natural surroundings
Straight from the nether
Hint of the subway below so the tracks and those passing by don’t interrupt the show
Quite the sight all lit up at night
*Above photo set by Jimmy D

The Community

As everyone knows, an empty event space is but a mere shell of what could be.  So not the case with The Chia Horse and Pig Racetrack.  The day it opened a whole host of community members wandered by to check it out and contribute to the entertainment options.

The heart of it all
Racers and their horses begin to roll in
‘Things heating up. Missf and Intry just brought these guys from nether! We gonna race them of course. So fun!!’
A full experience for the senses
MissFuchsia, Intry, and the nether stock
Some epic community collaboration in the making
People working together to make cool stuff happen
The pigs raring to go
MissFuchsia doing her thing
Sweet looking crowd
Lots of photo ops
Mmmm… coffee!
*Above images submitted by Chia

What Lies Beneath…

With phase one of the project pretty much complete and ready to begin hosting events, the creative team has moved on to completing the the subway below.  We cannot tell you exactly what will come of this even though we kinda know, for ruined surprises are no fun at all.  We just couldn’t resist dropping at least a couple images in here to let those imaginative impulses run wild…

When all is said and done we suspect this Chik’in Ka’ah Horse and Pig Racing Track by Chia will surely be fit for the Uplift Olympics whenever such a time comes.  We are definitely looking forward in anticipation to both when official events commence and the subway has been completed.  In the meantime be sure to swing by and check it out for yourself, along with some of the other top notch builds and events by Chia featured right here on

Building Blocks of Inspirational Value is a series dedicated to the most amazing things done by exceptional members of our community.  More than just an amazing build or cool design, this feature series focuses on those and their perspectives that bring a higher order to both what we do here in the metaverse and the brother space to which we are enveloped in.  With a focus on value for the community at large, this series features those that through their efforts help to uplift us all.

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* Article published by Jimmy D from images and text submitted by Chiapet.



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