The Minerweight Title Championship, Bout I

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February 25, 2022



February 27th, 2022, at 18:00 UTC


The CostAffective Colosseum

The Event Overview

Welcome to the second coming of Cost Affective Colosseum PVP Fighter events.  For this version, instead of having a WAX or other token entree fees, organizer ChrisP wanted to change it up and make it interesting by utilizing Upliftium Miners instead!  Really, the goal of this event is, to have some fun, and whilst we do this, burn some Upliftium Miners.

The plan is to have 8-12 interested parties take part in the sudden death competition.  The idea to change it up from token based entry fee to Miner based came upon reflecting upon what the greatest value add to everyone in the ecosystem would be.  The fee participate as a fighter will consist of any 50 Common Upliftium Miners.

Some benefits of this approach include…

  • Probable reduced cost of entry
  • Covers the winner takes all part of the prize pool (80% of all collected miners)
  • Reduces the overall miner supply as 20% of the fee will be burned helping every single person in the ecosystem with a reduction of supply, even those who died in shame…

In addition, each participant will receive a godly armor set and a sword upon being a chosen fighter.

For more info please follow the link in the next section.


In order to participate in the event, you must declare yourself and register in the Official PVP Event Form

The Rules

Off Limits

  • No hacking
  • No Totems of undying
  • No Elytra’s
  • No interfearing in fights of others.
  • No enderpearls!

In Bounds

  • Potions are allowed
  • Golden apples and enchanted golden apples are allowed.
  • All weapons are allowed.
  • You can have a 2 miniute break between each fight to get ready for the next one. Be sure to stock up what you need in this time!

By signing this form you are accepting all these rules.

The Risks

  • Losing in the arena
  • The loss of the entry fee Upliftium Miners


To the Victor

  • 80% of all Upliftium Miners collected during fighter registration

To the Uplift Community as a whole

  • 20% of all Upliftium Miners collected during fighter registration will be burned into non-existence

The Venue & Spectator Entry

The CostAffective Colosseum was originally built in Genesis, however to attend this event you must teleport into the replica event server.  More details to follow, so be sure to subscribe to the Discord and keep an eye on the official announcements channel for details closer to the day of reckoning. Having said that, should you wish to learn more about this remarkable venue, check out the featured article below.

Prepare Yourselves, And Come Join Us for the 2nd Generation of Colosseum PVP Fun!!

On the 28th day of this second month of 2022, prepare yourselves and be ready for the second generation of Colosseum events inside The Uplift World Metaverse.  Don’t miss out on this historic moment where warriors will define themselves, spectators will embrace their most carnal desires, and the opportunity to witness the carnage as those on the fighting floor battle to the death for a chance to haul away the prize pool of Upliftium Miners galore.

Welcome to the World of Uplift Events

Have an event of your very own in mind?  From PVP fighting, to ice track and other races, gallery showings, and pretty much any other types of event you can envision hosting or being a success in The Uplift World, don’t be shy and let us know. We are always open for considering a multitude of event ideas to collaborate on helping our communities in the metaverse expand and grow!

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