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January 23, 2022

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“It all began when I actually went out and purchased a new PC in order to Uplift. One of the things I wanted to do was to build a gallery, so that is kinda where I started.  Believe it or not, I had actually never played the game before, so I ended up clearing out the property I wanted to build on with a diamond pickaxe, mostly in the dark with water and lava everywhere because I was unaware of sponges and couldn’t  quite figure out how to use TNT.  Lets just say it took me a minute or two.

Eventually I made my way to survival and my business brain kicked in.  With that mindset intact, I started building stores and plotting to make portals on plenty of plots. I was doing ok, but every time went to Twitter or watched theUpLifters show, all everyone was talking and tweeting about was The Maul Gallery. I was already pretty impressed by all the pictures I saw, but then I saw The Vine Gallery. That was all it took to inspire my competitive side. I too wanted to have a gallery that everyone across the metaverse was talking about.

One month later, I am proud to present to you The Royal Gallery, a full experiential trip through although be it one of many, part of my NFT collection that is very dear to me.”

Royal Dex

The Royal Gallery

The Royal Gallery is a hyper fully enveloping experience for the senses creating a space of place entrenched within the metaversal mindset of taking oneself from one reality into another, and actually in this case, several.  The gallery consists of a multitude of variations, from the art on display, to the building blocks and design of the 8 levels that make it up, and the reflective qualities that make pretty much all experiences in life worth being immersed in.  All encompassing the backdrop spirit of the artist, this incredibly epic build and exhibit of Royaldex really does radiate the overall style of his art and NFTs that is the beauty of ‘controlled chaos’.

To embark upon this experience, one has two options.  The one you choose will really depend upon where you are in the Genesis sector of the metaverse, but regardless of the path, both will land you on the base layer of this must experience adventure.  Maybe the most important choice that which is about to to journey into the beautiful controlled chaos that awaits deep below the surface is to decide whether you want a glimpse of what is to come on the way down, or if diving into the deep end with no notion of what is on the program is more your style.  If the latter then we recommend The Royal Gallery portal in the basement of The Vine Gallery.

The Vine Gallery portal room, Genesis 4300, 2050 beneath the main exhibition tower.

The other route in is to simply head on over to site of the The Royal Gallery itself at Genesis 2600, 4800 and make your way down the rabbit hole into the madness that is the controlled chaos that awaits.

Through the Looking Glass

Down the Rabbit Hole

Grounding Oneself

Level 2

Mosaics for the Heart and Soul

Concealed Growth

Bottoms Up

The 6th Sense

The Lava Room

Refractive Waves In-Light

Where the Sun Goes Down

Through Varying Doors of Perception

There truly is an innumerable plethora of ways to embark upon this fully enveloping metaversal artistic galleria experience.  Beyond all the vantages inherent within self directed motions of the gallery structure and encompassed within the artwork itself, this is a build that changing up the backend of Minecraft shaders and resource packs can walk you a second, third, and potentially endlessly more through immensely infinite doors of perception.  As a hint of what is possible, just take for instance these next few images taken by Gary the Architect with a completely different capacity to view a few of the same spaces Jimmy D went through above.

So you see, whether dark or bright through shaded variants of refractive light, what awaits all who make the journey to The Royal Gallery of Genesis have a journey full of sensual surprises galore.  A goal achieved, for making all who embarked upon standing ovation well before reaching the top floor was according to Royal Dex drafted into the open invitation cards since day one!


“I’m grateful for all those that are supporting me through this journey of art, NFTs, and the metaverse gallery experience, to TC and Mello for pretty much showing me how to minecraft, and TheMTBER for setting a gallery standard worth the vision and dedication to chase!” Royal Dex

“Grateful to have such an amazing, creative, and generous community that continuously pushing the boundaries of what it means to Uplift one another in all they are immersed in and do.  Grateful for builders and artists, but more importantly the gracious human behind many of which have found their way to The Uplift World.  Grateful to be lucky enough to be embedded within the fabric of those who built this little metavese we call home, cause they are some of the most fantastic people I have ever had the opportunity to meet.  And finally, I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to dive deep into this fantastic gallery, the NFT line that fills it, and connect with the man behind the creative impetus of all you see here on this short feature that no where near captures the essence of creativeness and beauty that radiates from the contents within!” Jimmy D

Royal Dex

The theme running through the exhibition of The Royal Gallery above was chosen to enable a themed experience like no other in the metaverse.  Almost to a T, this is a mere taste of what is baked into the Royal Dex NFT collection.  As previously hinted, the style is unique and tailored to suit a specific genre or connoisseur of the craft.  Whether animated or stationary, inbued with images or reality or figments from the imagination, the overall collection in general aims to showcase just how naturally bizarre the perspective of controlled chaos when laid in from of us can actually be.

Although just a sample above, you can browse through the entire Royal Dex collection on NeftyBlocks and draw your own conclusions as the the value of such permeations which embody the NFTified essence of the creators mind, body, and spirted soul.  Furthermore, if this gallery, the works that are embedded within it, or anything within the collection speak to you, be sure to take the time join Royal Dex on his future journeys by showing your support on Twitter, as well of course as sharing this very article around in an effort to help us highlight all the greatness he has created for us here in The Uplift World.

Are you too a gallery owner in The Uplift World Metaverse looking to feature you creation or past, present, or future exhibitions right here on ? Well, if so, all you really have to do is get in touch with Jimmy D on TelegramTwitter, or Discord and we will see what we can do to make the magic happen.

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*This article and accompanying main body images was put together by Jimmy D with extra content contributed by Royal Dex and Gary the Architect.

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