The Sugar Hotel Resort Grand Opening Event

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April 28, 2022

MitzisNiFTis and Sovoccor present The Grand Opening of the New Sugar Hotel Resort in Gratitude 4000 2000! Coming very soon…next week!


Wednesday May 4th, at Noon Pacific Time (3 PM EST, 7 PM UTC)


The Sugar Hotel Resort in Gratitude (4000, 2000)

The Debut, Quest, & Prizes

This will mark the the debut a new line of NFTs from the cartoon Lost in the Sugar created by Sovoccor and presented by MitzisNiFTis! Those that complete the grand opening quest will be dropped the first ever NFTs in the Lost in the Sugar collection!

Lost in the Sugar

Check out the pilot episode for the Lost in the Sugar series in development created by sovoccor below.

The Sugar Hotel Resort

The Sugar Hotel Resort in Gratitude will be the new Uplift World home for the animated series ‘Lost in the Sugar’ created by Sovoccor.  Home to both an art gallery and future quests, this resort is a nice addition to The Pioneer Hotel in Londom (1750, 1500) and The Aztec Hotel in UpLuft ( 1000, 2000) introduced in The Many Magnificent Talents of Mitzi feature article.  Check out these awesome images of the incredible new Gratitude Sugar Hotel Resort below:

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*Article published by Jimmy D with images and context provided by Mitzi.

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